Learn to swim as an adult with Turner Swim in London, Manchester, Exeter, Reading and Glasgow.
Learn-to-swim as an adult in London, Manchester, Reading, Glasgow and Aberdeen with instructors who are adult teaching specialists. We appreciate that breathing and standing up from a horizontal position are your probably your two biggest concerns. Having taught adults to swim since 2013, we really believe in focusing on aquatic breathing from the very first session.

Learn-to-swim as an adult in London, Reading, Manchester, Cardiff, Glasgow and Aberdeen

Learn-to-swim as an adult in London, Reading, Manchester, Cardiff, Glasgow and Aberdeen with Turner Swim and enjoy a dynamic programme. Based in luxury hotels, our learn to swim programme is designed to teach adults to swim on their front and back. We have designed the programme from our years of teaching adults to swim as an all round balanced course. Our syllabus includes elements that help to give our learners confidence in water. Aspects include learning treading water, floating, sculling and aquatic submersion. All of our adult lessons are on a one-to-one basis, to enable you to feel relaxed and learn at your own pace.

Our learn to swim programme is available at all of our venues including at The Dilly hotel Piccadilly in London where we have both a shallow and deeper ends. At London Leonardo hotels at St Paul’s, Tower Bridge, London City and Chelsea Harbour hotel we have our own lane for swimming lessons. At both Marriott County Hall hotel in London and Marriott Worsley Park hotel in Manchester we have our own lane too.

Please note, if you have had a previous bad experience in water before, such as as a slip, fall or have been pulled out of a situation in water then please start with our Water Confidence programme first.

Learn-to-swim for life

Swimming is a skill that is great for your health, can save your life and can be extremely enjoyable too. Whether you are looking to learn to swim for a holiday at home or abroad, improve your fitness or splash around with your kids, there is no better place to be than in one of our five star hotel swimming pools. According to the swimming governing body, only half of 11 year olds can swim and as a result there are many adults that have never learned to swim. Turner Swim is here to help you experience all the benefits of being able to swim effectively through our professional swimming lessons in London and the UK.

The current primary education system offers many children a few swimming lessons each year, however many adults didn’t have this opportunity when they were in education. But it is never too late to learn to swim Turner Swim’s expert swimming lessons are tailor-made to best match your learning styles and speeds. The 10 x 1-hour learn to swim course for adults specialises in the correct techniques from the very start, in particular providing a strong focus on breathing for all clients.

Our breathing focus

At Turner Swim, we understand that one of the biggest limitations to swimming any reasonable distance is breathing. Many people can swim a few meters by holding their breath but then have to quickly stop. As such, we focus on breathing from the very first session enabling your body to have a great enough oxygen supply to truly relax. Our instructors will provide the support, confidence and instruction that will see you learn to master a number of skills in the water. All Turner Swim instructors are fully trained and experienced in working with even the least confident adults.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it isn’t! Here at Turner Swim London our swimming lessons consist of proven techniques taught in bite size modules which we have designed as a team from our years of swimming and swimming teaching experience. All of our instructors teach from the same learn to swim programme syllabus and the instructors record your progress each session so you could choose to have more than one instructor if you would like – it’s up to you!

Please view our bookings page where you can select an instructor and view their availability. We hope that our lessons not only enable you to learn different methods of swimming but also inspire you to continue swimming for the rest of your life.

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