Water Confidence (Water Phobia)
Water confidence programme for adults who have water phobia.
Overcome water phobia, whether by learning techniques to improve your water confidence or recovering from a near drowning, our swim instructors are here for you. Now available in Manchester, Reading, Exeter, Glasgow as well as in London.

Having A Phobia Or Fear Of Swimming Pools

When it comes to water phobia – a fear of water – there are several different levels of fear. You may feel terrified of swimming pools following a bad experience or feel scared of being splashed. Many adults who join us in London, Manchester, Exeter and Reading have taken uncomfortable swimming lessons in the past elsewhere. At Turner Swim we understand being wary of water can have a real impact on your day-to-day life. Turner Swim has worked hard to create a water confidence programme that addresses these fears and delivers great results.

A lack of confidence in water can have a huge impact on your ability to enjoy some of the best parts of holidays too. Playing with your kids in the pool or walking along a beautiful shoreline are great experiences, but only if you are fully comfortable in a swimming pool or the sea. At Turner Swim we know how much a lack of confidence can affect many adults. As such, our water confidence programme is initially designed across two 1-hour sessions, aiming to ensure we deal with what worries you most so that you can enjoy being in and around water.

Overcoming Aqua Phobia

Some of our previous clients developed water phobia from being rescued out at sea and resuscitated. For other adults, they have been pulled ashore having been thrown into the water by family members. Slips in the pool and holiday water sport disasters are common causes of water phobia too. Thankfully we have helped all of these clients become more comfortable in water before progressing onto our flagship “learn-to-swim” programme.

Within the water phobia course, we cover a number of water safe skills. We also teach techniques to help you stand in water unaided. Another important part to the course is learning how to move through the water horizontally. Equally, our swimming instructors will teach you how to exhale in the water for aquatic breathing. We are keen that you feel comfortable in the water to the learn to swim with good technique.

One-to-one swimming lessons for all abilities

At Turner Swim, we have trained our swimming instructors to work with adults who have different levels of aqua phobia. We recognise that previous experiences in water can impact how differently each client’s mind and body can feel or react. As a result we will work with you at your own pace. Our coaches spend time with you on the areas that you find the most challenging to overcome. One of the most important aspects is us helping to make the lessons an enjoyable experience.

Lose your fear of water phobia in our London, Reading, Exeter, Glasgow and Manchester, luxury hotel swimming pools

Losing your fear of water phobia is much easier to do when you are in a luxury setting. We have handpicked our luxury hotel venues as calm and relaxing environments to help you feel at ease. A welcoming instructor, fully trained in the Turner Swim methods come along with a hotel towel and shampoo too.

All of our availability is online through our online bookings portal up to 4 weeks in advance. Please book in and then your instructor will meet you poolside ready to take you on a special journey. Book online for adult swimming lessons in luxury London, Reading, Exeter, Glasgow and Manchester hotel pools.

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