Swimming Tumble Turns
Swimming tumble turns coaching for adults.
If you are already able to forward roll in water, a 1 hour lesson should be sufficient to learn tumble turns. If you can swim at least 50 meters with you face in the water, but can't do a roll please book 2 x 1 hour lessons.

Learn swimming Tumble Turns and look like a pro

Swimming tumble turns can look effortlessly easy when an experienced swimmer gracefully turns at the end of a length and springs themselves forward onto their next length. Tumble turning is the quickest way to turn at the end of a length of front crawl or backstroke. The advantage of turning well is that it and helps you to swim through your workout. You therefore don’t need to stop and lose your rhythm.

Perhaps you have tried tumble turns but quickly run out of breath, found yourself rapidly moving in the wrong direction, or are completely new to the idea of tumble turns?

Leaning To Tumble Turn

Our experienced instructors have designed a specific swimming tumble turns course that teaches you how to optimise the distance needed from the wall to the beginning of the tumble, shows you the ideal degrees of rotation within the turn as well as the timing of the wall push, the leg kick following the turn and the correct breathing control throughout.

With Turner Swim’s tumble turns course you can learn the technique in just 1-2 hours.  If you are already able to forward roll in water, a 1 hour lesson should be sufficient.  Otherwise please book 2 x 1 hour lessons. The best instructors to choose for this programme are David, Lindsay or Thomas in London or Reading. We recommend booking in with Katie in Manchester and Jake in Exeter. Click here to view our instructor’s profiles.

Swim like a pro with the turns to match! You will be surprised at how much difference a tumble turn can make to your swim as you glide from length to length with no pauses or awkward turns interrupting your rhythm.

Learning to tumble turn in London, Manchester, Reading and Exeter

Learning to tumble turn is now available in our luxury hotels in London, Manchester, Reading and Exeter. As a team we have further improved our tumble turns programme in 2020. We are blessed with having a number of former international swimmers on our team as coaches. By working together, our team share the best coaching methods and our tumble turns programme is vastly improved.

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