Triathletes off-season Swimming Training
Off-Season Swimming Training for Triathletes
Swimming training for triathletes keen to boost their swimming performances in the 2019 season. Our 10 x one hour programme will help to find your inner limits and to then advance your swimming further.

Swimming Training for Triathletes during the off-season

Our off-season triathletes swimming training programme is designed over 10 x one hour sessions for regular triathletes. Are you a seasoned triathlete looking to improve your swimming times between the September to April off-season?

If you are then look no further, as our professional coaches have put together 10 gruelling and intense swimming sessions for you.  Many of the sessions have been inspired by former international training sessions. This swimming programme begins and ends with an intense swimming fitness assessment. Then each individual session is designed to develop a particular part of the body, with the combined marginal gains boosting your swimming performance.

We recommend that you take these sessions with either Callum, Andrew or Ross at our 25 meter length pool, Marriott County Hall venue between Westminster and Waterloo. Andrew swam the 2018 Bosphours crossing from Asia to Europe. Whichever swim coach you choose, we look forward to finding your swimming limits and helping you to reach new goals.


Triathlon Swim Coaching in Central London

Triathletes swimming training doesn’t have to be miles away from work, spending hours plodding around a lake or docks. Instead, we have brought our swimming coaching to you by being based in Central London. Our locations are at Marriott County Hall hotel Westminster and Le Méridien hotel Piccadilly. If you have a choice then we recommend triathletes visit us at the longer length 25 meter pool inside Marriott County Hall hotel. So why not book in for one of our early morning, daytime or evening sessions to fit around your working schedule.

We see many triathletes putting maximum force and effort into their swims. We also regularly hear (when we are at events competing ourselves) that triathletes often want to “just get through the swim.”  What many triathletes often don’t realise is that when they pull twice as hard in water then they are creating four times the resistance. So unlike in the cycling and running disciplines, putting in a higher cadence doesn’t necessarily result in going any faster. Swimming is the technical discipline, so join our professional coaches for 10 x one hour sessions and you’ll see the differences in your swimming performance!

Open Water Swimming Coaching in Canary Wharf

Our open water swimming coaching also takes place in Millwall Docks at the Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre, Canary Wharf between May and August each year. We look forward to welcoming you to the docks, complete with changing rooms and showers again in 2019. You can read more about our open water swimming coaching and watch our promotional video if you click here.

Book your swimming coaching sessions online

Feel ready to get started with your one-to-one adult swimming coaching sessions? Book in for our Westminster or Piccadilly hotel swimming pool venues online.


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