Treading Water – an introduction
Learn treading water at our London Piccadilly luxury hotel venue.
Our treading water programme is for adults who can swim 25 meters or more without stopping. Please note: This course is only available at the Dilly hotel Piccadilly and Chelsea Harbour hotel pools.

Learn treading water as an adult in London

Treading water is especially needed if you are out of your depth, in a deep swimming pool, sea or lake and you have to stop away from side or safety. If you can already swim at least 25 meters without stopping on your front then come and join us for our 3 x one hour introduction to treading water programme. If you can swim less than 25 meters then our learn to swim programme is the place for you to start.

Please note: Treading water is only available at The Dilly hotel Piccadilly and Chelsea Harbour hotel where the depth of the pools is 1.5 meters.


What is the meaning of treading water?

Treading water is the ability to keep your head up above water, so that you can breathe and remain calm in a near vertical position without uncontrollably moving away or sinking. Or, put simply in running terms, it is the equivalent of jogging on the spot.

By treading water well then you can feel much safer out of your depth. This is especially useful if you find yourself in an emergency situation, if you are partaking in water sports on holiday or perhaps even to let water out of leaking goggles. Many parents ask them to teach us these techniques so that they can safely accompany their son or daughter in the pool on holiday.


How to tread water well

Some adults are able to float naturally in water with their faces out of the water. However, for those of us who have a greater muscle density then learning how to correctly do treading water and then float is a technical art. As an adult the greater your muscle density then the more essential it is to have a strong treading water technique. We’ll teach you head moving techniques to help keep you in a vertical position as well as showing you how to time your inhaling and exhaling so that you begin to relax.

Our instructors will then introduce and teach you 3 different leg kicking techniques and 2 different arm techniques. You can then pick a treading water method that works well for you. We will also show you how to go from a vertical position to a horizontal swim for two benefits. Firstly, so that you are in control of your position in water. Secondly, to teach you to swim calmly back to the side and out of any danger.


View availability and book online

View availability and book online here for treading water at the Dilly hotel Piccadilly and Chelsea Harbour hotel venues. Simply select a session, complete payment and see your instructor poolside where you can let the instructor know your aims.

So why not book some lessons, for good health and safety, but also to impress those with you when you next go jumping into a swimming pool or the sea and calmly begin treading water.

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