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Backstroke Swimming Technique Tips

Backstroke swimming technique tips by Lucy, a Turner Swim coach in Manchester.

Backstroke is the only stroke done entirely on your back, relying on spatial awareness, timing and balance to keep the stroke flowing. It can be great for any level of swimmer, due to the more relaxed breathing aspect of the stroke. Your face should be out of the water at all times and therefore making the ability to breath much easier. I love this stroke as you can relax and take your time with the technique, without having to focus on too many aspects at once!

With that, here are my 5 top tips within each section of backstroke, as well as some health benefits (in case you needed any other reason to hop in the nearest pool!).

Breathing while swimming backstroke

The ideal breathing pattern in backstroke is one breath per arm cycle. This means that when one hand exits… Read More >

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