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Learning-to-swim Front Crawl – Swimming Lessons From a Client’s Perspective

Struggle to swim a length of front crawl? Fear not. One of our clients, Charles offers an insight into his time swimming with Turner Swim. This blog is about his experience of lesson one, as he started his journey to learning front crawl. Charles learnt to swim front crawl in London and Turner Swim now also offer adult swimming lessons near Manchester and in Glasgow.

Charles – Blog 1:

“A couple of years ago, I watched my wife do a sprint triathlon and thought how much I would like to do that. However, the key problem was that I could not imagine how I would ever be able to do the 400 meter swim. Of course, I had learned how to swim at school. I wasn’t frightened of water, but there was no way I could make it a full length of the local pool in Clapham. My swimming was a… Read More >

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