Swimming Lessons for Adults in London
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Swimming Lessons for Adults in London

Swimming Lessons for Adults in London

Swimming lessons for adults have been provided by Turner Swim in London since April 2013. We operate from 6 luxury hotel locations in London as well as 6 hotels outside of London too. Join us in London at:

  • The Dilly hotel (formerly Le Méridien Piccadilly)
  • Marriott County Hall hotel between Westminster and Waterloo
  • St Paul’s Leonardo hotel
  • Tower Bridge Leonardo hotel
  • London City Leonardo hotel
  • NYX Hotel London Holborn

What’s unique about our adult swimming lessons?

Adult swimming lessons differ greatly from those delivered to children. All of our instructors qualified to become Level 2 Swimming Instructors with either swimming governing bodies the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) or Swimming Teachers Association (STA). Unfortunately, the governing body qualification courses was all based on teaching children and there wasn’t an adult to teach in sight! This is unfortunately very much the industry standard.

So the first unique aspect about Turner Swim is that all of our instructors receive extensive in-house training in teaching and coaching adults. We have designed all of our programmes ourselves and our methods are a proven success. If an aspect of our teaching haven’t worked in the past then during our 8 years of operating, we have found better ways of achieving our goals.

One-to-one adult swimming lessons

One-to-one swimming lessons enable us to teach our clients at their own speeds and styles of learning. Adults learn very differently. Whilst a visual demonstration might be a perfect teaching solution for one client, another may prefer a detailed explanation. When receiving feedback, some adults prefer a praise focused approach whilst others prefer very direct feedback. Our in house training enables our instructors to understand our clients quickly. Our swim lessons for adults are constructive; we are teaching you as an adult through conversations, technical analysis and we aim to bring enjoyment to your swimming.

We very much recommend that for all adults who can swim less than 100 meters front crawl, take one-to-one lessons. Having a lesson tailor-made to a client’s specifics help adults to vastly improve. All of our hotel based adult swimming lessons are on a one-to-one basis.

Luxury hotel locations in Central London

Delivering one-to-one adult swimming lessons in four and five star hotels certainly feels a world away from the swimming pool experiences we all grew up in! We often say that we are the calm below the circus, being located just 150 meters away from Piccadilly Circus at Le Méridien hotel.

Our Marriott County Hall venue between Waterloo and Westminster has a stunning 25 meter long swimming pool. Guests and clients alike are usually greeted upon arrival to the hotel’s main entrance by doormen in top hats. The health club is located on the 5th floor and the indoor swimming pool is blessed with natural light.

The pools at St Paul’s, Holborn, Tower Bridge and London City are all run by the Leonardo hotel group. London City and Tower Bridge Leonardo hotels both boast 25 meter length pools and are both a couple of minutes walk from Tower Hill tube so please make sure you go to the right location. Leonardo St Paul’s is a very luxurious swimming pool and Holborn is a much wider pool than most hotels have.

Swimming instructors for adult lessons

During summer 2021 we are scheduled to be providing around 200 one-to-one adult lessons each week in London.  In addition we are offering a number of group open water swim coaching courses. The huge advantage of delivering as many sessions is that several of our instructors teach adults full-time with us. The specialisation enables our instructors to be specifically trained for teaching adults.

Our in-house instructor training covers topics such as teaching from the same programme content and recording each client’s progress. We also train instructors to have the correct positioning for demonstrations. Our in-house e-learning site for instructors helps immensely with their training. The aim of our extensive training is for clients to be able to receive the best lessons possible with consistency between instructors. Personal interaction, relationship building, technical analysis and the ability to give clear explanations are invaluable attributes that all of our instructors possess. In addition all our instructors are monitored regularly to check the quality of their sessions are meeting the Turner Swim expectations. We have set high standards for ourselves.

Check our swimming lesson programmes

Through Turner Swim’s methods, practices and instructor personalities, we help adults to achieve the results they are after! Why not check out our most popular adult swimming coaching programmes by clicking here.

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