Swimming For Weight Loss
Swimming for weight loss programme with Turner Swim for adults.
Our swimming for weight loss programme is designed for adults of all swimming abilities. This includes non-swimmers looking to learn to swim. We want to help you to enjoy exercising and look forward to your time with your coach at our hotel swimming pools. Available in London, Manchester, Reading and Exeter.

Swimming for weight loss

Swimming for weight loss is a programme designed by our adult swim coaches on an individual basis. The programme is for adults who either haven’t exercised for years, or who have decided now is the time to improve their overall fitness. According to Swim England’s health and wellbeing benefits of swimming report:

  • “Regular swimming can lower stress levels, reduce anxiety and depression and improve your sleep patterns.
  • Swimming improves heart health, lowers blood pressure, improves lung capacity, increases bone strength and reduces joint pain as it is a low impact sport.
  • Regular swimming can help to reduce long-term health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes by up to 40 per cent.” (Accessed 20 November 2020, Swim England website).

So whilst losing weight is clearly one benefit of swimming, there are many more. Some of our regular clients see us because when they are in the swimming pool they are out of pain. For others, the increased flexibility both while they are in the pool and after really motivates them.

Our swim coaches will start by seeing where you are at with your swimming. If you are a non-swimmer then we will teach you how to swim. For those who can swim already, we will look to provide a balance of improving your swimming technique, overall fitness, flexibility, strength and endurance. If you would, we can also talk to you about the challenging sides of losing weight. Other factors include nutrition, lifestyle, diet, sleep and persistence.


Turner Swim in Runners World magazine

Turner Swim’s Managing Director Andrew was asked to contribute towards a Runners World article about swimming for weight loss. A great advantages of swimming, is that it doesn’t put pressure on the bodies joints in the way that running does. Like many Doctors, we actively encourage swimming to be used as part of a balanced programme towards weight loss. Click here to read the Runners World article on weight loss.


Adult swim coaching to help with weight loss

Adult swim coaching to help with weight loss is available in London, Manchester, Reading and Exeter. We will shortly be launching into Glasgow and Warwickshire hotels too. We appreciate the toughest step is probably booking your first session, but it will be worth it. Simply click the link below to view availability up to 4 weeks in advance. Book online for a one-to-one session that suits you. Our experienced adult swim coaches looking forward to working with you.

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