Swimming For Good Health In London

Swimming For Good Health In London

Swimming For Good Health In London

Swimming is fantastic for both our physical and our mental health. As someone with chronic kidney disease, my kidney Consultant recommends drinking plenty of water, consuming no more than 6 grams of salt per day, taking blood pressure tablets and exercising regularly. Thankfully, my kidney function has remained stable for nearly 5 years now. My body nearly always feels better after swimming.

Whilst swimming my lungs almost feel like they are being cleaned and my overall body feels stronger and more flexible. After I finish I feel more mentally alert and am often more creative. Equally any worries I had pre-swim feel less significant. For myself, I can definitely feel that swimming and playing water polo are fantastic for my health.

According to the NHS (2018) “Regular swimming can reduce the risk of chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke. It can also boost your mood and keep your weight under control.”

I am certainly therefore not alone in swimming for good health and feeling the benefits of regular exercise. This summer, Yamini got in touch with us at Turner Swim and joined us for swimming lessons. Yamini felt stuck in a 9 to 5 job and wasn’t exercising regularly. In just 5 weeks. Yamini went from swimming 12 meters head up front crawl, into swimming front crawl as part of the AJ Bell London Triathlon Super Sprint event.  Yamini has produced a video about her journey and hopes to inspire others into taking up exercise and swimming too.

Swimming With Good Technique

Swimming with good technique is highly recommended by all our Turner Swim’s instructors. We regularly see adults swimming a head up breaststroke. However head up breaststroke sadly puts pressure on a swimmer’s neck, lower back and knees. We see a head up breaststroke as being the equivalent of walking around and looking at a tall building. Instead we recommend that exercise is doing correctly with good technique so that injuries are more likely to be prevented. We offer a 5 x one hour Head up breaststroke into front crawl programme. This course is ideal for adults who can swim at least 25 meters on their front and who wish to learn a correct front crawl technique. When swim correctly, front crawl and backstroke put the least strain on our bodies and give us a better cardiovascular work out too.

Swimming pools in London

We offer one-to-one swimming lessons for adults at both Le Meridien hotel Piccadilly and Marriott County Hall Westminster. You can also become a health club member at either venue, with prices starting at £99.00 per month. Alternatively, after gaining a good technique with Turner Swim you could continue swimming for good health across London. Payasugym.com have access to swimming pools around London where visitors can buy a day pass each time they visit.


We hope you feel inspired by Yamini’s story and wish to begin swimming for good health. Our one-to-one adults swimming lessons take place 7 days a week. Book online and we look forward to seeing you see for our five star hotel London swimming lessons.


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