Stroke Improver
Swimming Stroke Improver Programme.
Looking to improve your swimming technique and stamina? Our London swimming coaches will help advance your swimming stroke by focusing on key areas: breathing and head position, arm push and recovery, leg kick, body rotations, catch and coordination.

One-to-One Swimming Lessons in London to Improve Your Stroke

Our Stroke Improver programme is designed to advance your stroke technique, helping you to swim faster, more efficiently and for longer. By learning how to develop the correct stroke technique with our stroke improver course you can really begin to get the most from your time in the pool. If you are building towards a competition or race or are simply after a good workout then join us. Improving your swimming stroke can open the way for a faster swim and higher endurance levels.

The stroke improver programme from Turner Swim consists of a series of one-to-one swimming lessons in London. The sessions are designed to enhance your swimming style in order to make you a more efficient swimmer, both in speed and endurance. Our dedicated coaches will evaluate your swimming stroke focusing on five key areas: breathing, arms, legs, body and coordination. After watching your swimming style they will begin to work with you on how to improve on what you are already doing. Our stroke improver programme is available in any stroke, whether it be front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke or even butterfly (with our butterfly expert and former county level swimmer David).

Stroke Improver Programme Breakdown

You can choose between individual 1-hour long sessions and a 5 x 1-hour programme, all of which will be tailored to suit your individual needs. If we are working on your arm recovery, which is the time spent with your arm and hand out of the water, then we can help you choose between a high elbow and swing recovery by analysing the benefits of each and meticulously developing the recovery through our strong attention to detail.

Clients tend to make the greatest progress in our stroke improver programme when they schedule their lessons once per week with ideally a practise session in between to help consolidate the learning. But if you don’t have access to a pool outside of your lessons then please don’t worry!

If you are looking for swimming to replace or complement another sport or outdoor activity, or if you are just hoping to get more out of your weekly swim, Turner Swim’s one-to-one swimming lessons in London can help to improve your stroke so that you become a more efficient swimmer. You will be able to see results almost immediately as the tailor-made coaching develops your efficiency and you will find yourself swimming faster and for much longer periods of time. Keen to read more? Check out our blog on why breathing is an essential component in swimming and you can get a feel for the level of detail we explore in our sessions.

Stroke Improver Prerequisite

The Stroke Improver programme is designed for adults who can swim at least 50 meters front crawl in one go without stopping. If you can swim front crawl, but less than 50 meters in one go then please start with components of our Head up Breaststroke into front crawl programme so that you can truly master front crawl breathing first.

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