Adult Swim Coaching Reading
Turner Swim was launched in 2013 as one-to-one adult swimming coaching specialists. We offer the same great adult swim lesson programmes at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Reading. Learn to swim or improve your technique in the luxury hotel swimming pool.

Adult Swimming Lessons in Reading

Adult swimming lessons with Turner Swim in Reading with our experienced instructors. Operating from the Crowne Plaza Reading hotel, our swimming lessons for adults are for all abilities.  One-to-one swimming lessons enable us to provide coaching at your speed of learning. Whether you are overcoming water phobia, learning to swim or improving your swimming technique our professional swim coaches look forward to seeing you.

The 17 meter length swimming pool is perfect for adults of all swimming abilities. In addition, free car parking is included. Book online and we will see you poolside for your session.

Venue Address: Crowne Plaza Reading, Caversham Bridge, Richfield Avenue, Reading, RG1 8BD


One-to-one adult swimming lessons for all abilities

One-to-one adult swimming lessons for all abilities from learning to swim to advancing your technique. Our specialist coaches can focus all of their attention on you. For all of our swimming programmes, breathing and really being able to exhale all of your air in the water are one of our key priorities. We don’t want you to just feel comfortable in the water, we want you to feel truly relaxed. By being relaxed and breathing well in water, a good swimming technique will be achieved. This is regardless of whether you or new to water or an experienced triathlete looking to shave seconds off your personal best. Our swimming instructors are fully trained in the Turner Swim methodology that we offer across all of our hotel locations in the UK.

Our learn to swim programme is one of our most popular courses. Based over 10 x one hour lessons we feel learning to swim in a luxury Reading hotel with your own experienced swim coach is a fantastic offering. Above all, being able to swim regularly can leave us feeling mentally more relaxed and physically more dynamic.

Our stroke improver programme is an excellent choice for those looking to take their swimming to the next level. Our swim coaches begin with a full stroke analysis before working on your key areas. So whether it’s your head position, breathing, arm cycles or leg kick that can be improved, we will help make your sessions bespoke. After that we will design swim sets for you that you can then use in your own swim time. Many of our stroke improve clients are regular swimmers or those who learnt a long time ago. Either way, we will help you to make the most from your time in the pool.


Book online for adult swimming lessons

Book online for our adult swimming lessons in Reading. View our latest prices, with lessons starting from £59.00 per hour. Firstly, view our instructor’s availability up to 4 weeks in advance using the link below. Secondly, you can either book a single lesson or purchase package through logging in and selecting the series book option on the left hand side. We look forward to welcoming you to our adult swimming lessons at the Crowne Plaza Reading.

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