Pro Clinic
Pro clinic enables our adult clients to run the session and pick what they would like to achieve.
Our Pro Clinic is designed to cover any bases that our other programmes don't currently cover. Please just let your instructor know when you meet them poolside that you are here for a Pro Clinic session. Please then tell them what you would like to achieve from the session.

Swimming Coaching Clinics For Adults

Our swimming coaching clinic for adults is designed as our pro clinic. We think we have pretty much covered every aim and goal with our programmes, but from time to time clients arrive with less common aims. Our pro clinic is designed exactly for these eventualities. Our coaches would like you to tell us what unusual goals you have that we can help you to achieve. Perhaps you have signed up to become cabin crew and need to pass the swim rescue test. Maybe you’ve left it until the day before a triathlon and realised you need some serious help. Or sometimes we see clients from abroad who purely would like to swim in a luxury hotel with their own lane and a great swim set.

Whatever unusual circumstances you have, we will give it a good go on our pro clinic, though we make no promises. Our other programmes have all been tried and tested literally thousands of times, so we know exactly how these work!


Pro Clinic for swim coaching in London, Manchester, Reading and Exeter

Our Pro Clinic is now available in London, Manchester, Reading and Exeter. We thoroughly believe we have covered all bases for adult swim coaching in these cities.


Book online for the pro clinic

Please still book online for the pro clinic. Even if you have a different aim from the programmes that we advertise, you can still come for a one-to-one swimming lesson as long there aren’t any variations to our terms and conditions. When you arrive poolside, please just let your instructor know straight away that you would like a Pro Clinic lesson. Please then explain what’s the unique swimming challenge for you.

Please note, all of our pool based lessons are on a one-to-one basis. Unfortunately we are unable to make any exceptions to this. Our group coaching is only available for open water swim coaching as we find adults are more similar in standard.

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