Pool To Dock Open Water Swimming
Turn your pool based swimming into open water dock swimming on our new course. Perhaps you have always swum in a pool or have you found you are out of breath in colder water? Join us for group or one-to-one sessions. Wetsuits, towels, changing rooms, hot showers all included.

Open Water Swimming Coaching for Beginners

Pool to Dock is an open water swim coaching programme for adults who usually swim in the pool and wish to learn open water swimming specific techniques. This Turner Swim course caters for both first time open water swimmers through to those who have been in the open water before, but who aren’t comfortable breathing and sighting. Our courses take place at the Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre by Canary Wharf. Hot showers, changing rooms and wetsuit use are included, so please just bring your swimming pool costume or shorts.


Open water swimming lessons London

Swimming in the open water is a different experience to swimming in the pool. First of all, dock swimmers will wear a wetsuit that is specifically designed for open water swimming. These wetsuits have more flexibility and generally more buoyancy than surfing wetsuits, so all adults should be able to float on their backs without needing to move their arms or legs. You can read our beginner’s guide to open water wetsuits blog if you click here.

The wetsuits keep us warm, enabling us to swim in temperatures at the Docks as low as 11°C and feeling rather warm swimming when the water temperature is above 16°C. (Swimming pools are generally heated from 28°C to 30°C). When you first get into the colder water you will most likely notice your heart rate and breath both begin to increase. We will teach you how to control your heart rate and breathing so that you can have both a safe and enjoyable open water swimming experience.

Our pool to dock course will also teach you how to breath effectively in the colder water. We will also coach sighting to see where you are going as part of your stroke. Turning around a buoy, drafting and efficiency techniques will also be covered on this 4 x one hour group course. If you would like to take your swimming technique further then we recommend our one-to-one lessons. With one-to-one lessons we can be more specific with your individual swimming aims.


Pool to Dock group coaching 2019 course dates

Our group pool to dock course is run over 4 x one hour sessions with a coaching ratio of at least 1 coach per 6 swimmers. Our 2019 session dates are being finalised and due for release on 18 January.


Pool to Dock One-to-one swimming coaching dates

Our one-to-one swimming coaching sessions are available May to August:

Wednesdays: 06:30am, 08:30am and 09:30am
Fridays: 06:30am, 07:30am, 08:30am and 09:30am
You can choose to have your one-to-one session with Andrew, Ollie or Amelia. Simply book online on our bookings page, we will see you at our Docklands Sailing and Watersports venue with a range of Huub wetsuits available for you to borrow.


So whether you are usually a pool swimmer, or you have some experience of swimming in the open water then join us for our Pool to Dock course. Book now and we will see you at the docks!
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