Our Instructors
  • Andrew

    Andrew is a former Great Britain aquatic team member, having competed in both the Junior European and World Championships as a water polo player.

    Despite being in the U16 International Squad aged just 13, Andrew struggled immensely with his swimming and it was in his teenage years that he spent hours each day redeveloping his swimming technique. Training paid off and he reached his goals, but he later realised a lot of his battles could have been avoided had he focused earlier on technique rather than endless lengths of the pool.

    After graduating from Manchester University and working on a sales and trading graduate programme at an investment bank, he rekindled his real love, as a full-time swimming instructor.

    You can watch Andrew on a Sky TV programme talking about “Why it’s never too late to swim well” if you click here. Andrew has also given a talk in the Experts Theatre at the London Triathlon Plus Show, on “Breathing: Turning your Triathlon swim from being a shortness of breath experience into a calm and enjoyable competitive swim.” 

    In his spare time Andrew still plays water polo for his home town club Cheltenham and was part of the squad who won the 2014 British Championships. A regular open water swimmer, his 2017 UK events include the Great London Swim at Royal Victoria docks, the Fix Splash at Hackney as well as training for the 10k swim, known in the swimming world as the marathon. Andrew also founded and runs the charity Water4Ethiopia and he has launched the UK’s first volunteer-run charity bottled water brand, winning the 2012 Global Water Innovation Awards Best Humanitarian Initiative.

    Andrew finds it particularly rewarding developing water confidence and learn to swim clients as well as those training for a triathlon. Please visit our bookings page to book in your sessions.

  • Rachel

    Rachel is a former international swimmer and national record holder. Rachel has worked at our overseas venue since June 2016, before moving to London.

    Having completed her Geography and Politics degree, Rachel has joined us in London to teach and coach on a full-time basis before looking to do a Masters in Journalism.

    Rachel’s most successful swimming achievement is when she swam the final leg of the 4 x 100m medley relay at an international race meeting. Feeling great about her swim, Rachel looked up at the results board to see that her relay team had broken their national record! Rachel would no doubt have continued onto even greater swimming achievements if it were not for a long standing shoulder injury.

    Rachel is available for all our programmes with clients regularly feeding back that they appreciate her professionalism, enthusiasm and ability to put clients at ease through explaining techniques and objectives in a clear but detailed manner. Rachel often inspires clients into achieving more than they initially expected because she becomes so invested in their learning experience and really goes on the journey with each individual client. Whether you are joining us for water confidence, learning-to-swim, improving your swimming technique or advanced coaching, Rachel comes highly recommended for adults of all abilities.

    As a keen open water swimmer herself, Rachel particularly enjoys coaching open water swimmers and triathletes, both those looking to do an event for the first time, as well as seasoned athletes with desires to improve their technique and swim times. Indeed Rachel has designed Turner Swim’s Triathletes off-season Swimming Training programme, constructed over 10 x one hour lessons to improve triathletes swimming performances for the 2018 season.

    Rachel is available Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 12noon until 9:15pm, Thursdays from 06:45am until 3pm, as well as Saturdays from 08:15am until 4pm.

  • Krys

    Krys began working as a swimming instructor in the private sector on a full-time basis in September 2012, complementing his love for open water swimming.

    Krys knew from an early age that he had a passion for teaching and coaching others, so he enrolled onto the National Diploma in Coaching, Nutrition and Sport at South Devon College to further his learning. Krys gained a distinction, particularly enjoying the sports science, coaching principles, and the long term athlete development aspects of the course, as well as learning how to take the strain off an athlete though aiding them well with their nutrition and event preparation.

    Krys grew up living by the sea in Dartmouth and his enjoyment for swimming really flourished through competing in the South Hams coastal swims. The local community would regularly organise beach-to-beach swims that were up to 5km in length around the coast, to raise awareness for water safety. Throughout six years of racing, Krys remained unbeaten in his age group, with his favourite race being the Slapton Sands to Blackpool Sands swim. In London, Krys has completed the 10km Hampton Court Palace race. In 2017 Krys completed a Breca Swim-Run event as well as the Redbull Neptunes steps Open water event in Glasgow. Click here to read a blog he wrote about the Glasgow event.

    In 2014 Krys took a break from full-time swimming teaching, returning to Devon and volunteering at a local competitive swimming club to gain further experience in the coaching side of our sport too. Krys analysed the club’s training routine, realising that the squad was actually swimming too many lengths in training. Instead he believe that the team could become more competitive through focussing on technical alterations in their swimming strokes to enhance their knowledge and speed. The team’s new found attention to detail paid off in the pool and within 3 months of Krys starting to work with the squad, his coaching helped the 16 and under relay team to gain their club’s first ESSA National Gold medal!           

    Krys is an ideal instructor to choose for any of our programmes. He enjoys teaching those that are new to swimming as he sees his role as potentially saving lives, whilst his time swimming along the Devon coast has also brought him a wealth of experience for those doing open water swims or looking to improve their technique. Having spent time on the Royal Marine Commandos training programme, Krys certainly enjoys helping clients to excel on their adventure and to maximise their potential and his friendly aura ensures clients can relax and enjoy their time with him too. 

    Krys is available Sundays from 11:30am until 7:30pm, Mondays from 12noon until 9:15pm, as well as Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 06:45am until 4pm.

  • David

    David is a former county-level swimmer and has worked as a swimming instructor on a full-time basis in the private sector since April 2011.

    David originally competed for Romford but quickly progressed onto Hornchurch Swimming Club where he picked up a bronze medal in the 50m freestyle county final and a top five finish in the 200m breaststroke London regional final. As a 16 year old, David qualified for the British nationals in the 100m butterfly finishing with a time of just 58.6 seconds.

    David was captain of Hornchurch Swimming Club for 3 years and began his coaching career at the club too. He still trains with Hornchurch masters and he competed in the one mile Great London open water swim at Royal Victoria Docks in 2016. David has longer term ambitions of swimming the English Channel.

    David enhanced his swimming and coaching knowledge by taking part in coaching clinics run by the British head coach and watching international swimmers demonstrating under the coaches’ guidance. These courses included theory sessions and land based training too.

    David is an excellent instructor to choose for all of Turner Swim’s programmes, apart from the advanced open water and triathlon courses. David prefers to swim in swimming pools where as Andrew and Krys both thrive in the outdoor open water environment. David is passionate about swimming and he has a very calming and reassuring manner that helps clients to feel at ease with him. As an instructor David enjoys setting clients new challenges and thinking of different ways to get the most from an individual’s skills. Despite David’s high flying swimming achievements, he particularly enjoys teaching our water confidence, learn to swim and head up breaststroke into front crawl programmes, along with our stroke improver course, thriving on the rewards of introducing new clients to swimming with correct techniques. David recently taught a client to swim a mile butterfly!

    David is available Mondays to Thursdays 12noon until 9:15pm and on Fridays from 12noon until 8pm.

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