Our Instructors
  • Andrew

    Andrew is a former Great Britain aquatic team member, having competed in both the Junior European and World Championships as a water polo player. Andrew is Turner Swim’s Founder and Managing Director.

    Despite being in the U16 International Squad aged just 13, Andrew struggled immensely with his swimming. In his teenage years he then spent hours each day redeveloping his swimming technique. Training paid off and he reached his goals. However he later realised a lot of his battles could have been avoided had he focused earlier on technique rather than endless lengths of the pool.

    After graduating from Manchester University and working on a sales and trading graduate programme at an investment bank, he rekindled his real love, as a full-time swimming instructor. Andrew founded Turner Swim in April 2013.

    You can watch Andrew on a Sky TV programme talking about “Why it’s never too late to swim well” if you click here. Andrew has also given talks in the Experts Theatre at the London Triathlon Plus Show. The topic was on “Breathing: Turning your Triathlon swim from being a shortness of breath experience into a calm and enjoyable competitive swim.” 

    In his spare time Andrew still plays water polo and was part of the squad who won the Cheltenham 2014 British Championship win teaming. A regular open water swimmer, in 2018 and 2019, Andrew completed both the the Bosphorus Swim from Asia to Europe in July, as well as the 2018 River Dart 10k in September. He swam the Dock-to-Dock 5k swim in September 2020. Andrew also founded and runs the charity Water4Ethiopia. He has launched the UK’s first volunteer-run charity bottled water brand, winning the 2012 Global Water Innovation Awards Best Humanitarian Initiative.

  • Swim Coach Lindsay

    Lindsay – at Leonardo St Paul’s and Leonardo London City hotels, London

    Swim Coach Lindsay is a former International swimmer and Strathclyde University graduate. Lindsay has a decade of experience teaching and coaching adults swimming.

    Lindsay has been a competitive swimmer since the age of just 7, enabling her to train and compete in different parts of the world. In the 50 meters freestyle event, Lindsay ranked 6th in the UK following her British Championship performance. One of Lindsay’s favourite swimming competitions was in the 2008 International Children’s Games in San Francisco, where she was a finalist. Lindsay was able to part of Team Scotland’s development squad for a number of years. Unfortunately an injury stopped Lindsay from competing further. However, she thrives on sharing her experiences and coaching ability that she has gained to help inspire others.

    Lindsay’s BSc (Hons) degree in Sport and Physical Activity gave her a great understanding of the physiology and bio-mechanics of the human body.  Her other modules included nutrition, coaching and psychology too. Whilst studying, Lindsay also worked for one of Scotland’s leading swimming providers where she was the most in-demand instructor.

    Swim coach Lindsay’s locations:

    Swim Coach Lindsay works full-time with Turner Swim. Based at Leonardo St Paul’s hotel, Leonardo London City hotel and Marriott County Hall Waterloo, she really enjoys working with adults of all abilities. Many adults are nervous about entering the water and she helps clients who are looking to learn to swim for the first time. Open water swimmers and triathletes really benefit from Lindsay’s vast swim coaching and technical analysis skills. Lindsay is great at adapting her sessions to the style and speed of each client. This help clients to maximise their potential. She wants adults to really enjoy their time in the pool and works hard to help inspire adults.

    Swimming lessons with Lindsay:

    Lindsay is available at Leonardo St Paul’s hotel on Mondays and Tuesdays from 5pm until 9:15pm. She coaches the open water swim sessions near Canary Wharf on a Wednesday evening. Lindsay is available at Leonardo London City on Thursday evenings from 5pm until 9:15pm. She is available at Marriott County Hall hotel from 11am until 9:15pm.

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  • Swim instructor Leanne in London

    Leanne – at The Dilly and Marriott County Hall hotels, London

    Leanne is a former club level swimmer. She is a full-time swimming instructor with Turner Swim at The Dilly and Marriott County Hall hotels, London.

    Leanne’s love for the water developed as a toddler at the age of 3 years old and still very much exists today. She has always had a passion for swimming, competing both as a teenager and as an adult. Leanne has also competed in the open water swimming environment. Originally from South Africa, she began teaching in the country before emigrating to the UK and joining Turner Swim.

    Leanne loves seeing adult achieving success in the pool, even in the seemingly smallest of ways. She has a real knack for helping people feel at ease, particularly in tense or stressful or situations, such as being in the water for the first time.

    Book in lessons with Leanne for all abilities, from water phobia and learning to swim through to advanced triathlon coaching too.

    Swimming lessons with Leanne:

    Leanne is available at The Dilly hotel (formerley Le Méridien Piccadilly) on Tuesdays and Fridays from 11:15am until 3:30pm.

    Leanne is available at Marriott County Hall hotel Monday to Friday mornings from 7:30am. She also coaches afternoon sessions at the hotel on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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  • Swim Coach Thomas.

    Thomas – at Leonardo Tower Bridge, Chelsea Harbour hotel and Marriott County Hall hotels in London

    Thomas is a former International swimmer and Sheffield Hallam University graduate. He is working full-time with Turner Swim at Leonardo London Tower Bridge, Chelsea Harbour hotel and at Marriott County Hall hotels in London. 

    Thomas learnt to swim and joined Dorking Swimming Club at a young age. He then progressed further at Nova Centurion Swimming Club where he received training from Bill Furniss, who is now Great Britain’s head coach. He was selected to compete for England in the 2012 Olympic Park International School Games. Whilst also captaining the team, he gained a bronze medal in the 200m backstroke and a gold in the 4 x 200m freestyle team relay. Thomas then spent time at Tampa University Florida under a swim scholarship. Sadly injury sadly put an end to his further swimming aspirations.

    As part of Thomas’ degree, he did a placement at British Diving where he ran a project investigating the lifestyles of young divers. As a result, he was able to provide advice aimed at improving young divers performances at competitions.

    Thomas enjoys working with clients of all swimming backgrounds, from those with water phobia through to adults training for a triathlon. Friendly, welcoming and with plenty of enthusiasm, his sessions are creative and clients enjoy his informative style. He enjoys inspiring adults into enjoying swimming as much as he has. Thomas is an ideal choice of instructor for all clients and he has impressive reviews.

    In the summer months, Thomas is one of Turner Swim’s open water swim coaches. We run sessions specifically for learning and improving open water swimming techniques. These include correctly wearing an open water wetsuit, breathing in cold water, sighting, drafting, turns and race tactics too. Click to watch our open water swim coaching video.

    Swimming lessons with Thomas:

    Thomas is available at Leonardo Tower Bridge hotel on Wednesdays 12noon-4:15pm and 5pm-9:15pm, Fridays 12noon-4:15pm and 6:30pm-9:30pm.

    He is available at Chelsea Harbour hotel on Tuesdays 6pm-9pm and Thursdays 12noon-3pm and 6pm-9pm.

    Thomas coaches at Marriott County Hall hotel on Mondays and Tuesdays 06:30am-09:30am and 10am-11am.

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  • Josh Swim Coach London

    Joshua – at Marriott County Hall and The Dilly hotels, London

    Joshua is a former county level swimmer and full-time swimming instructor with Turner Swim who is available  at Marriott County Hall hotel and at The Dilly hotel in London.

    Like the majority of the Turner Swim team, Joshua began swimming at an early age. His first memory of swimming is nervously diving into a pool and feeling a great sense of achievement from doing so. Joshua has competed for a number of clubs including Waltham Forest, Romford Town, Redbridge and Barking & Dagenham Swimming Clubs. He was also the joint Captain with his team at Barking and Dagenham. Josh reached national level competitions in the 100m butterfly as well as the same level for open water swimming.

    Joshua loves to work with adults who wish to better their live enjoyment in life though swimming. He really enjoys working with adults who have had a previous bad experience in water and helping to turn them into really competent swimmers. Equally though, Joshua enjoys teaching adults who want to be able to swim on holiday or to compete in triathlons, particularly if they feel the challenge may be too great to achieve.

    To Joshua, swimming is a way of life, so come and try out a session and see if you enjoy being in the water as much as he does.

    Swimming lessons with Joshua:

    Joshua is available at Marriott County Hall between Westminster and Waterloo Monday-Thursday afternoons and evenings. He is also at The Dilly hotel at Piccadilly on Sundays and Monday morning.

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  • Adult swim lessons Manchester with Jessica

    Jessica – at Worsley Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club, Manchester

    Jessica is a social policy Bsc graduate who has always loved being in the pool. Aged 3, Jessica went swimming twice a week. At 6 years old she remembers helping her brother overcome his fear of water and she later taught him to swim 15 meters. 

    Jessica briefly swam at Salford Swimming Club. These days she always feels more relaxed when in the water and finds it helps her to take a break from day to day life and focus on her mental and physical wellbeing. Jessica swims twice a week and recently had her second child meaning home life has become more exciting. She has recently introduced her baby daughter to the water and is continuing to build up her 5 year old son’s confidence in the pool. 

    With a real passion to help others, Jessica is often found doing fundraising swim marathons and other events. She feels as though her time is always put to the best use when she is helping adults to gain great progress in the pool. Jessica is also very passionate about helping current swimmers develop the best techniques in order to swim more effectively. When completing her teaching qualification Jessica worked with former olympic swimming Jessica Lloyd to develop her butterfly. 

    Jessica has worked with a wide range of adult clients both in Manchester but also in Spain where she lived in Murcia for a couple of years. So whatever your level of swimming or non-swimming ability, Jessica’s lessons are highly recommended. 

    Swimming lessons with Jessica:

    Jessica is available at Worsley Park Marriott hotel on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings from 4:45pm-5:45pm and 6pm-9pm.

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  • Simon – at Leonardo London City and The Dilly hotels, London

    Simon is a former county level swimmer and full-time swimming instructor with Turner Swim.

    Simon began swimming as a child and one of his first memories was of swimming with his family on holiday in Sweden. As a 4 year old, Simon was swimming unaided in the Swedish lakes.

    As a former county level swimmer, Simon represented London and the South East at the national championships. He also competed for Bluefins swimming club in Basingstoke. Simon loves the freedom of swimming and still swims regularly, as he feels being in the water really cuts out all the noise of the outside world.

    Simon gained a 2:1 BA (Hons) in Philosophy from the University of Sheffield and he particularly enjoyed the modules in the philosophy of the mind and the philosophy of language. Both of these modules have helped Simon to really think about how he can best help adults to learn to swim or improve their swimming.

    Simon is relaxed and friendly but really has a strong ability to get along well with people. Clients complete Simon’s lessons feeling a strong sense of both achievement and that he really understands them. He particularly likes working with adults as it allows a different approach to swimming – in so much as both the client and the instructor or on a journey together working towards the same goals. Simon is available for teaching and coaching adults of all non-swimming and swimming abilities.

    Swimming lessons with Simon:

    Joshua is available at Leonardo London City on Monday mornings and Monday-Thursday evenings. Simon is at the Dilly on Sundays as well as Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.

  • Adult swim lessons with Aaron

    Aaron – at Crowne Plaza hotel, Reading

    Aaron is a former county-level swimmer who holds a degree in Sports Coaching Science from St Mary’s University Twickenham. He provides our adult lessons at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Reading.

    Aaron began swimming aged just 3. His favourite early swimming memory was at the age of 9 competing in Germany as part of a club exchange. He really enjoyed seeing an Olympic sized pool for the first time (being slightly daunted by how big they look when you’re that young) and then coming 4th in the 50m butterfly.

    Aaron represented both Ealing swimming club before moving onto Hillingdon swim club. He had enjoyed competing for the clubs as well as at the county championships. At the age of 14 Aaron started volunteering as an assistant swim coach. It was at this time that he discovered his real passion for teaching and coaching. By the time Aaron was 16 he was fully qualified and working directly with the head coach to select the best children to transition into club swimming.

    The joy of swimming coaching for Aaron, is the challenges that coaching brings. He is a strong believer that a single solution can’t fix the same problem with every individual. For Aaron, coaching is a career that doesn’t only allow you to continue to learn but forces you to. He feels swimming is such a fundamental skill that everyone should possess. Aaron particularly enjoy working with adults as it can make such a big impact on that individual’s life. Mostly though adults tend to ask more detailed questions so can he can really get in to the analysis and explore why we do certain things.

    With a professional approach, a vast knowledge of swimming and with a passion for coaching, Aaron is highly recommend for one-to-one adult swimming lessons in Reading.

    Swimming lessons with Aaron:

    Aaron is available at the Crowne Plaza Reading on Tuesdays 5pm-9:15pm as well as Thursdays 12noon-3pm and 5pm-9:15pm.

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  • Bethan – at Leonardo St Paul’s and Marriott County Hall hotels, London

    Bethan is a former Welsh National swimming champion. She is studying Pharmacology and Innovative Therapeutics at Queen Mary’s University of London.

    Bethan’s swimming earliest memory would probably be going swimming with her younger sister whilst she was a baby. She was about 3 years old, and her mum would give them both piggy backs as she swam under the water. Aged 6, Bethan joined Aberaeron Swimming Club and progressed to representing Ceredigion county. In 2018, Bethan won Gold in the Welsh Nationals as a part of a mixed medley relay team.

    As Bethan has always loved the water, she is extremely passionate about swimming. She has benefited from the sport greatly. As a fully qualified level 2 instructor, Bethan enjoys sharing her passion and knowledge of swimming with as many people as possible. She really enjoys seeing adults new to swimming then experiencing all of the the benefits of swimming. By teaching adults to swim she recognises the value of passing the skills learnt in lessons onto future generations.

    Bethan is available for lessons for adults of all abilities, from water phobia and learning to swim through to advanced coaching levels too.


    Swimming lessons with Bethan:

    Bethan is available at Leonardo St Paul’s hotel on Wednesdays 06:30am-09:30am.

    Bethan is available at Marriott County Hall hotel on Saturdays 3pm-7:15pm as well as Sundays 4pm-7pm.

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  • David – at The Dilly hotel (formerly Le Méridien Piccadilly), London

    David is a former county-level swimmer and has worked as a swimming instructor on a full-time basis in the private sector since April 2011. David has been working with Turner Swim for 6 years and is a vastly experienced instructor.

    Originally competing for Romford, David quickly progressed onto Hornchurch Swimming Club. At Hornchurch, he picked up a bronze medal in the 50m freestyle county final and a top five finish in the 200m breaststroke London regional final. As a 16 year old, David qualified for the British nationals in the 100m butterfly finishing with a time of just 58.6 seconds.

    David was captain of Hornchurch Swimming Club for 3 years and began his coaching career at the club too. He enhanced his swimming and coaching knowledge by taking part in coaching clinics run by the British head coach. This also involved watching international swimmers demonstrating under the coaches’ guidance. These courses included theory sessions and land based training too.

    David is a very experienced instructor and has worked purely with adults at Turner Swim for over four years. As an instructor David enjoys setting clients new challenges and thinking of different ways to get the most from an individual’s skills. Despite David’s high flying swimming achievements, he particularly enjoys teaching our water confidence, learn to swim and head up breaststroke into front crawl programmes, along with our stroke improver course, thriving on the rewards of introducing new clients to swimming with correct techniques.  David is passionate about swimming. He has a very calming and reassuring manner that helps clients to feel at ease with him. At Turner Swim, we highly recommended David.

    David’s Availability:

    David is at The Dilly hotel (formerly Le Méridien Piccadilly) each weekday evening from 5pm-8pm David is also available for afternoon lessons on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 3:30pm-4:30pm.

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  • Toby – at Marriott County Hall Westminster, London

    Toby is a former county level swimmer who is currently studying a BSc in Strength and Conditioning Science at St Mary’s University.

    Toby began swimming at a young age and quickly became a competitive swimmer for London’s Saxon Crown swimming club. Toby trained hard, focused on good quality technique resulting in his efforts being rewarded by being selected for county level swimming events over several years. Whilst studying for his ASA Level 2 swimming teaching qualification, Toby went back to Saxon Crown to volunteer as a coach to gain further experience.

    Toby enjoys working with adults of all abilities, particularly helping those learning to swim. Toby also holds the YMCA Level 3 Personal Training Qualification, making him an ideal choice of instructor for adults looking to improve their technique to then use swimming as a good form of fitness, strength and flexibility. Toby is naturally calm, adapts his teaching and coaching styles to meet individual client’s needs and speeds of learning well to help clients gain impressive results. Like all of our instructors, Toby works from the same Turner Swim programmes and records progress each session.

    Toby spent time in the air cadets as a sports manager. During this time he successfully coached the squadron swimming team to winning the London wing regional levels competition.

    Swimming lessons with Toby:

    Toby is available at Marriott County Hall for 16 sessions per week spread on Saturdays from 8am until 5:30pm and Sundays 10:30am until 8pm.

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  • Adult swim lessons NYX Holborn

    Stefano – at NYX Holborn and The Dilly hotel Piccadilly, London

    Stefano is a former regional level swimmer and junior water polo player, with a degree in Economics and Finance.

    Swimming instructor Stefano began swimming as a way of rehabilitation following an injury during athletics training. Once he had found the water then he has left since. For Stefano swimming is a state of mind; when he has his ears in the water taking part in a swimming session, it feels like a form of meditation.

    Stefano is available for adult swimming lessons with all abilities. He particularly enjoys working with clients overcoming water phobia and those learning to swim. This is because he really enjoys helping people overcome their limits or fears. He loves then hearing about clients then feeling more confident in other aspects of their everyday life.

    Around half of Stefano’s lessons take place at the newly refurbished NYX hotel in Holborn, which is a 3 minutes walk from Holborn underground station. The warm water makes the pool ideal adults looking to overcome water phobia, learning to swim or turning their head up breaststroke into front crawl. He is very personable and has a great sense of how adults feel without them needing to tell him. All of our instructors work from the same programmes and record progress each session. However, Stefano really tailor makes the intensity of lessons to the individual learner and so he comes highly recommended.

    Lessons with swimming instructor Stefano:

    Stefano is available at NYX Holborn hotel Tuesdays and Thursdays 12noon until 9:15pm, as well as Wednesdays 5pm-9:15pm.

    Join Stefano for lessons at The Dilly hotel, Piccadilly on Wednesdays 12noon until 3pm, Fridays 12noon until 9:15pm and Saturdays 8am through to 6pm.

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  • Katie – at Worsley Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club, Manchester

    Katie is a current Great Britain international swimmer, providing a limited number of private one-to-one adult swimming lessons at Turner Swim Manchester. 

    Katie learnt to swim aged 3 and by the age of 7 was already competing for the City of Salford swimming club. Since the age of 16, Katie has been training and competing for Stockport Metro swimming club at their High Performance Centre.  In 2020, Katie has the Olympic games trials with her main event being the 200m breaststroke.

    Katie trains 10 times per week in the pool, with each session being up to 2 and half hours in length. In addition, Katie does 3 gym sessions and extra cardio too. Katie also trains abroad and spent 3 weeks in Florida this Autumn, so please check our up to date online booking system for Katie’s availability to avoid any disappointments.

    After her A-levels, Katie took 2 years out to focus on her swimming. In addition to being a full-time athlete, Katie is now in her second year studying Sport and Exercise Science at Manchester Metropolitan University.

    Despite Katie’s international swimming successes, she is very down to earth, incredibly friendly and is keen to help adults with their swimming. As a Level 2 qualified swimming instructor, Katie enjoys working with adults of all swimming abilities. So whether you are keen to overcome water phobia, learn to swim or gain breaststroke technique types from the current British Champion, Katie is a fantastic choice of instructor for you.

    Katie’s Availability

    Kate is usually available for one-to-one adult swimming lessons at Turner Swim Manchester on Mondays and Tuesdays 12noon until 2pm and Fridays 11am until 2pm. As Katie does sometimes train abroad, please check our online booking system for her up to date availability.

    Click here to book a session with Katie.

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