Open Water Swim Coaching, Canary Wharf London

Open Water Swim Coaching in London with Turner Swim at the Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre, Canary Wharf.

Open Water Swim Coaching in London

Join us for open water swim coaching at the Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre near Canary Wharf, London. We are delighted to be working May to August at an accredited Sh2out venue. Changing rooms, hot showers and towels for all, with wetsuits available to borrow too.  All of our coaching sessions are with either British Triathlon coaches or STA Level 2 open water swim coaches. So whether you are after group, or a private one-to-one open water swimming coaching session, we’ll help you to reach your swimming and triathlon goals. Join us and it will make training for events such as the AJ Bell London Triathlon, the Windsor Triathlon, or the Ironman series easier and more enjoyable!

Group Open Water Swim Coaching

We are delighted to announce we have an extended offering of group open water swim coaching sessions for the May to August 2019 season, with 14 different 1 hour modules available. Group sessions have a maximum of 6 swimmers per coach.

Modules 1A to 4A are designed for swimmers who can swim at least 50 meters without stopping but have no previous experience in open water. We call this our pool-to-dock programme, which is basically open water swim coaching for beginners. It is highly recommended to attend all four of these initial sessions to gain a good foundation in open water swimming. If you do have previous experience we will see you in Module B!

Modules 1B to 10B are for adults who already have open water swimming experience. Many clients join us as we provide open water swim coaching for swimmers and triathletes looking to gain the competitive edge. Each module is a stand alone 1 hour session and you can pick and choose the modules you would like to attend. Sessions 1B-6B have an individual focus on a specific element of stroke technique as well as stamina building longer swim sets.

Prices: 1 hour sessions are priced at £30.00, 5 x one hour package is £125.00 and a 10 x one hour package is £225.00. Packages expire 30 August 2019. Wetsuit use, changing rooms, hot showers and any other kit we need is all included. Bookings are now available by clicking here.

May to August 2019 Group Open Water Swim Coaching Schedule

ModuleDescription and Dates
1A: Pool-to-Dock Session 1              For adults new to open water swimming:
Wednesday 1 May at 7:30am (Full), Wednesday 5 June at 7:30am (Full), Wednesday 3 July at 7:30am, Wednesday 31 July at 7:30am.
2A: Pool-to-Dock Session 2Breathing and an introduction to sighting:
Wednesday 8 May at 7:30am (Full), Wednesday 12 June at 7:30am (Full), Wednesday 10 July at 7:30am, Wednesday 7 August at 7:30am.
3A: Pool-to-Dock Session 3Sighting development and keeping going:
Wednesday 15 May at 7:30am (Full), Wednesday 19 June at 7:30am, Wednesday 17 July at 7:30am, Wednesday 14 August at 7:30am.
4A: Pool-to-Dock Session 4Open water turns around buoys on a course:
Wednesday 22 May at 7:30am (Full), Wednesday 26 June at 7:30am (2 spaces), Wednesday 24 July at 7:30am, Wednesday 21 August 7:30am.
1B: First swim of the season
(‘B’ modules for all with open water experience)
Although it is not compulsory, it is hugely beneficial to come to the first swim of the season to get back into open water mindset.
Sessions 1B to 6B all have stroke technique and a longer swim included too:
Friday 3 May at 7:30am, Wednesday 29 May at 7:30am, Friday 28 June at 7:30am.
2B: Advanced sightingSwim directly and efficiently by learning elite sighting techniques:
Friday 10 May at 7:30am, Friday 7 June at 7:30am, Friday 5 July at 7:30am, Wednesday 14 August at 7:30am.
3B: Drafting options and finding the sweet spotThrough learning four different methods of drafting you will be able to conserve energy in order to improve overall times:
Friday 17 May at 7:30am, Friday 14 June at 7:30am, Friday 12 July at 7:30am, Wednesday 21 August at 7:30am.
4B: Advanced open water turnsIntroducing an array of open water turns including the Corkscrew and the Superman to save time and maintain a fluid swim:
Friday 24 May at 7:30am, Friday 21 June at 7:30am, Friday 26 July at 7:30am, Wednesday 21 August at 7:30am.
5B: Starts and finishesFocusing on generating powerful and explosive starts and finishes to achieve prime positioning in race environments:
Friday 31 May at 7:30am, Friday 28 June at 7:30am,
6B: Race tacticsGet up to speed with this race tactics session to give you the competitive edge:
Friday 7 June at 7:30am.
7B: Pure swim fitness (regular, unique sessions)Diverse and engaging sessions that will develop your endurance, strength and overall fitness:
Wednesday’s 31 July at 6:30am, Wednesday 7 August at 6:30am, Wednesday 14 August at 6:30am, Wednesday 21 August at 6:30am.
8B: Video analysisGain individual and immediate feedback to enable you to better implement corrections and advance your performance:
Friday 14 June at 7:30am.
9B: Swim to cycle transitions (Please bring your bike)Often a neglected aspect of triathlon training this session will help you develop quick, dynamic transitions to save time and put
you ahead of the pack:
Friday 21 June at 7:30am, Friday 30 August at 7:30am.
10B: Canary Wharf 1-Mile Swim EventFriday 19 July with heats at 06:30am and 07:30am. Please book through

One-to-one Open Water Swim Coaching

Our one-to-one open water swim coaching sessions enable us to improve specific open water swimming styles and individual swimming techniques. For many of the open water swimming topics we recommend group coaching, so that you have other swimmers around you to make the session more event specialised. However, in our one-to-one sessions we can focus on the areas you would like for you. Perhaps you are getting used to being in the colder water or would like help developing your aquatic breathing and sighting in open water. We look forward to working with you.

Canary Wharf 1 Mile Open Water Swim Event

Friday 19 July with heats at 06:30am and 07:30am

Join us for the second annual Canary Wharf 1 Mile Swim, starting at the Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre. This 1 mile race takes place in Millwall Outer Dock, a filming location for James Bond’s “The world is not enough”. £20.00 entry fee with times recorded by our team (no timing chip needed).  40 swimmers per heat, this is an ideal event for first timers and experienced athletes.

Book your Canary Wharf 1 Mile Swim Place.
Pool Based Triathlon Swimming Coaching Available Year Round

We also offer year round swimming coaching for triathletes in Marriott County Hall hotel, Westminster. Set within a 25 meter long swimming pool, our triathletes off-season swimming training programme is a popular option for September through to April.

1Group Open Water Swimming Coaching

Group coaching sessions are available either on our Pool-To-Dock “A modules” for those new to open water swimming, or on our “B modules” for those with open water swimming experience. Our “Pure Swim Fitness” sessions are available weekly from May to August.

2One-to-one Open Water Swimming Coaching

Turner Swim are London’s one-to-one adult swimming coaching specialists. Having run one-to-one swimming sessions since 2013, we have coaches to suit your level of swimming and goals.
In 2018, Coach Andrew swam the Bosphorus and River Dart 10k.

3Changing Rooms, Wetsuits, Hot Showers and Fluffy Towels

Our open water swim coaching sessions take place in Millwall Dock at the Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre, by Canary Wharf.
Large changing rooms, hot showers, shampoo, wetsuits to borrow and towel use included too.

4Sh2out Accredited Open Water Swimming Sessions

Our DSWC venue is a Sh2out approved safe open water swimming sessions site.
Sh2out, is run by British Triathlon and the RLSS to “develop existing infrastructure to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for new and existing swimmers”. Source: [] Accessed 23 March 2018.
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