Open Water Swim Coaching, Canary Wharf London

Open Water Swim Coaching in London with Turner Swim at the Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre, Canary Wharf.

Open Water Swim Coaching in Canary Wharf, London

Join us for open water swim coaching in Canary Wharf, London. Our Saturday morning group open water swim coaching for adults takes place at the Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre.  Whether you are a first time open water swimmer or a seasoned triathlete, we have coaching available for you. We coach from both the pontoons and our kayaks, enabling our coaches to be safe and to see you. Our coaches hold an open water swim coaching certificate and are also BCU Kayak Level 2 qualified.

We are running a limited number of one-to-one open water swim coaching sessions on Thursday’s and Saturday’s in July and August. These sessions are with Head Coach Andrew and are priced at £85.00 per one hour session. We are unable to accept credits from packages for these exclusive sessions. Bookings are open online, click here to book.


Swim Coaching at the Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre

The Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre is an ideal venue for open water swimming.  With a second to none safety track record, our open water swim coaching sessions couldn’t feel safer. Each session has a Watersports Centre staff member on site specifically for any emergency situations. Our coaches have two-way radios so that they can be in immediate contact. The postcode for this venue is E16 3QS.

Please note that due to Covid-19, changing rooms and showers are currently not available from Turner Swim. We are now able to lend wetsuits, as we can disinfect them after, included in the price of your session. We are an official Huub wetsuit outlet, so can sell open water wetsuits too.


Open Water Swim Coaching at Royal Victoria Docks

We may be able to run open water swim coaching at Royal Victoria Docks, by the Excel Centre in 2020. Our plans have been delayed by Covid-19. For now, our confirmed sessions are only at the Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre.


Turner Swim’s Group Open Water Swim Coaching Modules

Modules 1A to 5A are designed for swimmers who can swim at least 50 meters front crawl without stopping but have no previous experience in open water. We call this our pool-to-dock programme, which is basically open water swim coaching for beginners. It is highly recommended to attend all four of these initial sessions to gain a good foundation in open water swimming. If you do have previous experience we will see you in Module B!

Modules 1B to 5B are for adults who already have open water swimming experience. Improve your swimming and gain a competitive edge. Each module is a stand alone 1 hour session, so you can pick and choose modules. Sessions 1B-5B have an individual focus on a specific element of stroke technique as well as stamina building longer swim sets.

Prices: 1 hour sessions are priced at £33.00. 5 x one hour package is £145.00. Group sessions have a maximum of 6 swimmers per coach. We run a 48 hour cancellation policy. We reserve the right to postpone a session if we have only 3 participants or less per coach.

Module:Description and Available Dates (DSWC: E14 3QS)
1A: Pool-to-Dock Session 1               For adults new to open water swimming: Saturday’s 1 August and 8 August at 8:45am
2A: Pool-to-Dock Session 2Breathing and an introduction to sighting: Saturday’s  8 August and 15 August at 8:45am
3A: Pool-to-Dock Session 3Sighting development and keeping going: Saturday 15 August at 8:45am
4A: Pool-to-Dock Session 4Open water turns around buoys on a course: Saturday 22 August at 8:45am
5A: Pool-to-Dock Session 5Navigating safely with others to then swim independently in an open session: Saturday’s 1 August and 29 August at 8:45am
1B: Advanced sightingSwim directly and efficiently by learning elite sighting techniques: Saturday 4 July at 10am
2B: Drafting and finding the sweet spotLearn 4 different methods of drafting: Saturday 11 July at 10am
3B: Advanced open water turnsIntroducing an array of open water turns: Saturday 18 July at 10am
4B: Starts and finishesFocusing on generating powerful and explosive starts and finishes: Saturday 25 July at 10am
5B: Race tactics and current trainingGet up to speed with this race tactics session to give you the competitive edge: Saturday 1 August at 10am
RACE MORNING: Canary Wharf 1-Mile Swim EventFriday 17 July 2020 with waves at 06:30am, 07:00am and 07:30am. Click to read more and book.
Canary Wharf 1 Mile Open Water Swim Event


Join us for the third annual Canary Wharf 1 Mile Swim in 2020. The 1 mile race takes place in Millwall Outer Dock, a filming location for James Bond’s “The world is not enough”. £20.00 entry fee with times recorded by our team (no timing chip needed). On 10 June we confirmed that this event is running and there are no refunds available.

Join us on Friday 17 July 2020 and book online with FindARace.

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