Open Water Swim Coaching For Triathletes
Open water swim teaching with Turner Swim
Open water swim coaching in London for all triathlete levels. We will help you to improve your breathing efficiently in colder water, sighting, drafting, turns, starts and finishes.Get ready for your best open water swimming and triathlon season to date!

Open Water Swim Coaching For Triathletes in Canary Wharf

Open water swim coaching for triathletes in Canary Wharf is available with Turner Swim. Join us at the Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre for open water coaching and get your triathlon season off to the perfect start. Whether you are training for your first triathlon, or you are looking to have some coaching in the open water then we have the swimming coaches for you. Sessions available from May until August each year.

Triathlon Swimming Coaching Video

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Our triathlon swimming coaching focuses on core open water specific techniques. These include aspects such as breathing efficiently in colder water, sighting, drafting, turns, starts and finishes. In addition we look at and provide feedback on your overall swimming stroke, including head position and breathing, arm cycles, kicking speeds and body rotations. Timed swims, technical swims and longer swims will also be included in different sessions. Our group sessions have at least one instructor per group of 6 swimmers, an ideal ratio for both receiving coaching points whilst also benefiting from having other open water swimmers to complete exercises and swim with.

Our coaches will bring an element of competition and fun into the sessions. However we are inclusive, for example on a timed swim we may run a handicap event, to bring a close finish for all.

All open water swim coaching for triathletes sessions are at the Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre by Canary Wharf.

Open water swimming coaches

Andrew and Lindsay are experienced open water swimming coaches with Turner Swim. Andrew has completed numerous open water swimming events around the London area. These include Windsor, Eton Dorney, Swim Serpentine, Great London Swim and the 10k Dock-to-Dock swims. Swims outside of London for Andrew have included the Bosphorous cross continental swim in Istanbul and the Dart 10k.

Lindsay’s open water swimming has been based in Scotland. A regular for a number of years both training and coaching in Loch Lomond, Lindsay is a tough open water competitor. During the 2020 open water swim coaching season, Lindsay was one of our senior coaches along with Thomas.

Open water swimming course dates

For the latest open water swimming course dates please click here to visit our overall open water swim coaching page.

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