Open Water And Triathlon Programme
Andrew, Rachel and Krys are passionate open water swimming coaches. They'll pass on their wide ranging open water experiences to you; whether it's wetsuit advance, tips on breathing in cold water, or new sighting methods. We regularly train clients for the Windsor triathlon, AJ Bell London triathlon, Eton Dorney sprints and the Great London Swim too.

One-to-one Coaching For Open Water Swimming

Swimming in a pool and swimming in open water are very different experiences. Swimming in open water presents an entirely unique set of factors which can affect your swimming, including currents, depth, sighting, other swimmers and course location. Whether you are new to open water swimming or have completed up to five open water events, the open water and triathlon programme from Turner Swim provides the opportunity to develop advanced techniques and tactics for open water swimming taught by experienced instructors. For more experienced open water swimmers, we offer a Triathlon Plus swimming programme.

Turner Swim offers a programme of 5x one hour sessions in which specialist coaches will help you perfect the specific techniques required for open water swimming. Your programme will start with a full stroke analysis and will then focus on your strengths and weaknesses. Sessions will develop the front crawl techniques required for good open water swimming success such as head positioning and breathing, the arm push and recovery, entry and catch as well as leg kicking style and timing. We willl also introduce an advanced catch, to enable you to feel more water being pulled with each arm stroke. The course also covers sighting, starts and finishes.

Open Water Training Tips

We will also provide bespoke tips and training methods so that you can further advance your swimming outside of our lessons. Since open water swimming is starkly different from swimming in a pool, our course is designed to help you develop the techniques and styles required to turn you from a pool lover to an open water aficionado! Many of our previous clients have gone on to successfully complete the Windsor triathlon, Hyde Park triathlon, Eton Dorney sprints and the Great London Swim in Royal Victoria Docks.

Anyone who is interested in open water swimming can benefit from this programme provided by Turner Swim. Whether you are a novice looking into the sport for the first time or a more experienced competitor looking to excel, Turner Swim offers a programme unlike any other.


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