Olympic Breaststroke
Learn to advanced your swimming with a true face in the water breaststroke, gliding effortlessly between each stroke.

Breaststroke Swimming Coaching for adults in London

Swimming is, without doubt, one of the best forms of exercise you can do, when performed correctly. According to Sport England, swimming is the most popular sport to do once a week with 2.5 million people swimming each week. Although people enjoy swimming on a regular basis, improper stroke technique minimises efficiency and can put excess pressure on your neck, back and joints. A head-up breaststroke is one of the most common strokes used in the pool by casual swimmers but this style of breathing through the nose, using wide arms and a screw kick can increase the risk of injury and doesn’t give a very effective work out. This is where the Olympic breaststroke course from Turner Swim is great for those who can swim at least 50 metres on their fronts.

Our Breaststroke Swimming Programme Syllabus

You will be taught how to swim with your head in the water, exhaling in the water and breathing in as you bring your head up. We will teach you a small dynamic arm pull that focuses on the forearm catching the water and we will introduce a powerful symmetrical leg kick to propel you through the water in smooth and stylish strokes. We will also teach you how to do two handed touch breaststroke turns.  The results will see your breaststroke technique transformed into a streamlined and efficient form.

This programme is designed to be five sessions long, each of which will give you a thorough and enjoyable hour long workout. We recommend that you have one lesson per week for this programme.

Take up the chance to learn to swim in the same style as an Olympic athlete and be coached by former county level or international aquatic team athletes on our Olympic breaststroke course.


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