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Message to all our clients

20 March: What are the UK Government restrictions for health clubs during the coronavirus?

At 5pm on Friday 20 March, the UK government told health clubs to close that evening. Until this time we were still very much open and delivering our one-to-one adult swimming lessons. We were taking precautions that we have outlined below.

We very much look forward to reopening once the UK government allows us to. We will extend all credit for the duration of the health club closures for free automatically. For example, once a swimming pool reopens in London in 2 weeks time, then all London credits will be extended by 2 weeks automatically on client accounts.


Up until 20 March we were open, and encouraging clients to come and swim with us

Our swimming lessons were still in operation in 4 London hotels until closing time on Friday 20 March.  In Manchester were were open at Marriott’s Worsley Park Manchester until Tuesday 17 March.

In the weeks before this, we updated our risk assessment and introduced a number of precautions and additional staff training, in order to continue operating our London and Manchester lessons. Turner Swim work with a health and safety consultant at Citation, so we are being kept up to date. With one-to-one lessons in luxury hotels, we feel that we took sufficient precautions, and followed UK government advice so that we were still operating. Our lessons are very different from group lessons in leisure centres or gyms. The hotels we operate from were generally much quieter than usual. Many clients were lucky and saw very few people in the hotel. We were still very much open and we planed to rotate instructors if any got sick.

As of 16 March, Public Public Health England said that their national leads “confirm that coronavirus would be inactivated at the levels of chlorine used in swimming pools.”


Do we have a change to our usual terms and conditions?

Yes – one change from 21 March 2020. We will extend all credits for free for the length of time that we have a pool closure. For example, if we see a two week pool closure then we will extend the credit validity by two weeks. We will do this automatically once a venue reopens.

Up until 20 March we were still running our usual terms and conditions, with a 36 hour cancellation policy. We always automatically book our instructors at 36 hours notice and pay the instructors for their bookings.

Our packages of 5 x one hour lessons are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. Our 10 x one hour lessons for 8 months from the date of purchase. A one hour lesson is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase. As a business, we have a commitment to provide our lessons to those who have purchased them and we also have fixed costs too.

If you wish to not swim for now then your credits can be extended for a cost of £12 per credit per month, as long as this upgrade is made before the package expiry date. We still have a 36 hour cancellation policy on all bookings. Please email to make the upgrade.


What happens if my credits expired on 20 March or before then, do I get a free extension?

No – we continued providing our adult swimming lessons until Friday 20 March as the UK government advice was that pubs, clubs, theaters and leisure centers only needed to close after we had finished lessons on the evening of Friday 20 March.

If your credits expire between 21 March and when our hotel reopens then your credits are extended for free, to match the length of time the UK government closed our hotels for.


I am over 70 or have a pre-existing medical condition, should I still attend my swimming lessons?

No – as of 17 March onwards we advised against attending your lessons. We will extend the duration of your package for free on receipt of either a copy of your passport page (if aged 70 or over), or on receipt of a letter from the hospital clinic you regularly attend (if you have a pre-existing chronic medical condition). This will be done as a goodwill gesture on the basis that we receive your email to before your credits expire. We reserve the right of discretion on the time period and nature of any chronic medical conditions for this.


Does swimming help my immune system?

In April 2018, John P. Campbell and James E. Turner wrote the medical paper “Debunking the Myth of Exercise-induced immune suppression: redefining the impact of exercise on immunological health across the lifespan.”

They concluded that “lifelong physical activity is a potent means of reducing the risk of non-communicable diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease, and other chronic inflammatory disorders. Evidence also shows that a physically active lifestyle diminishes the risk of contracting a range of communicable diseases including viral and bacterial infections.”

So along with eating a balanced diet, we believe in exercising regularly too. Keep an eye on our blogs page where we plan to provide nutrition and work out advice while we fight through the Coronavirus issue together.

Our instructors would love to see you

Our instructors would love to see you for your next session session. Primarily because they each really enjoy swimming teaching and each want to continue working with our clients. Our instructors are keen to be able to work while ever they are fit and healthy.

We want to inspire you into swimming for life. When the world around us is going into unprecedented times, then there is nothing like switching off for an hour and swimming. We love the feeling of achievement and the endorphins after we swim and we hope that you will very much enjoy these too.

So please wait, support our team, follow NHS medical advice and we’ll be back soon to keep swimming together!

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