Head up into face in the water breaststroke
Face in the water breaststroke swim coaching with Turner Swim in luxury hotels. London, Manchester, Reading and Exeter.
Lead by current GB breaststroke swimmer Katie, our team have collaborated and designed this face in the water breaststroke programme for 2021. Available over 3 x one hour sessions in London, Manchester, Exeter and Reading hotels.

Head up into face in the water breaststroke

For 2021, we have developed our face in the water breaststroke programme. Perhaps you have always enjoyed swimming but have swum for years with a head up breaststroke. The issue with swimming head up breaststroke is that it is a bit like walking around looking at the sky. This is in so far as it put pressure on your neck and lower back.

To help solve this problem our team, lead by current GB swimmer Katie, have designed this 3 x one hour programme. This swim course for adults who can already comfortably swim a face out of the water breaststroke but who would like to benefit from a more comfortable body and face position.

For adults new to breaststroke please book our 5 x one hour Olympic Breaststroke programme instead.


Face in the water course content

Your experienced swim coach will begin by seeing you swim and doing a full stroke analysis. They will then get set to teaching you individual components to help your overall swimming. Firstly, you’ll learn how to have the correct head position in the water and how aquatic breathing works. This is designed to overcome any worries you may have about water being in your mouth and nose.

Secondly, your swim coach will help you to develop a “V” shaped arm pull, to maximise propulsion and improve your lift. Thirdly, you’ll learn how to glide and your leg kick development training will begin.

Finally, we will coach you the timing of the stroke, to maximise efficiency through the water. We want you to get a really good work out from your time in the pool as this is proven to help with your health, fitness and wellbeing.


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