Join us for one-to-one adult swimming lessons at the Mercure Exeter Southgate Hotel. A one hour lesson is priced at £55.00 and 5 x one hour lessons are £249.00. We are excited that our swimming coaching for adults are now available in the City of Exeter.

Exeter Adult Swimming Lessons

Exeter adult swimming lessons are now available with Tunrer Swim. We launched in 2013 in London as adult swim coaching specialists. We have now expanded into other UK cities including Exeter. Whether you are keen to overcome water phobia, learn to swim as an adult, or advance your technique, we are here for you. Located at the Mercure Southgate hotel, we will be just a few minutes walk from Exeter Cathedral. Click here to view the Mercure Southgate health club swimming pool.

Venue Address: Mercure Exeter Southgate Hotel, Southernhay E, Exeter, EX1 1QF.


One-to-one adult swimming lessons Exeter

One-to-one swimming lessons are a fantastic way to learn as an adult at your pace and with the styles of learning that suit you. Firstly, we know that some adults are visual learners, whilst others prefer short feedback or detailed explanations. Secondly, our clients spend the time thinking about how they are improving as opposed to worrying about other adults in a group setting. Therefore, with a direct one-to-one coaching relationship we can help you best in individual sessions.

Our swimming lessons are available for adults of all abilities. Our flagship programme is our 10 x one hour learn to swim course, which sees impressive results. One of our most popular programmes is our 5 x one hour head up breaststroke into front crawl programme. We also love working with triathletes, as all of our instructors have a competitive swimming background. Above all, our swim coaches have a genuine passion for swimming and teaching adults too.

Click to view our recommended swimming programmes.


Book online

Book online for your one-to-one adult swimming lessons with Turner Swim. By clicking the link below, you are able to see our availability in Exeter up to 4 weeks in advance. Early morning, daytime and evening lessons are available. We are excited to have our adult swimming lessons in Exeter.

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