Open Water and Triathlon
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Instructor Krys Completes Redbull Neptune Steps Open Water Swim

Acknowledge The Open Water Swimming Task

420 metres of open water swimming, 7 climbs. I’m a central London swimming instructor who’s been climbing 30ft ropes in Commando training for the majority of last year. This task is easy on the face of it. Not so much in reality. I signed up for the event with thinking it would be a nice easy first competition of the year. However once I sat down to plan, I suddenly realised some of the factors facing me; 1. I haven’t swum competitively in over 3 years. 2. I have left shoulder & left knee injuries less than 6 months old. 3. My current fitness is solely based on carrying heavy loads on my back for long distances, resulting in very dense leg muscle and stiff joints. 4. I’ve got less than 4 week until race day!!!!

Instead of creating a fantastically complicated hard training programme… Read More >

Wetsuits for Open Water Swimming and Triathlons – A Beginner’s Guide

Wetsuits for open water swimming

Wetsuits for open water swimming are distinctively different from traditional surfing wetsuits, being made specifically for swimmers needs, with many having additional buoyancy and flexibility built in.

At the start of the 2016 open water and triathlon season, Andrew and David tried on several wetsuits. We hope this blog offers you some information about wetsuits and why they are worn in open water swimming.

July 2017 Update: Open water wetsuits tend to be brought out in 2 year cycles. However Huub, who are generally considered by the top professional athletes to be the best, have brought out the Albacore wetsuit for men and the Acara wetsuit for women.

The 2017 Huub wetsuits have been designed with increased flexibility around the biceps and triceps to give swimmers more control in the water. The Huub team have also made developments to help reduce the amount of knee bend that… Read More >

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