Open Water and Triathlon
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Turner Swim Recommend NOWCA’s Safe Open Water Swimming Venues

Safe Open Water Swimming

There has been a sharp increase in open water swimming participation during Covid, but not all of this has been safe open water swimming. Even before this in 2019, there were 7.5 million adults swimming outdoors each year. (Source Swim England:

Sadly though, according to the National Water Safety Forum, 631 people in the UK died in water in 2020, with 242 recorded as an accident (Source:

Swimming outdoors can feel like a true pleasure.  All of the physical and mental benefits of working out are clear, but only if it is done safely. The risks of drowning or getting into difficulty are there for all to see. These can include from hypothermia, changes in the current or from simply being less efficient at swimming than one felt they were.  As such, Turner Swim are keen to promote safe outdoor swimming. We feel… Read More >

Swimming Challenges

Charles initially took adult swimming lessons with Turner Swim as the first of his swimming challenges which was to turn his weak head up breaststroke into front crawl. After 5 x one hour lessons, he had achieved just that and was already looking for his next challenge. Charles had watched his wife complete a triathlon the year before and had ambitions to complete a super sprint triathlon himself, involving a 400 metre swim. Charles was then coached by Turner Swim instructor Andrew on our Stroke Improver programme, and by putting in additional swims by himself he duly completed his first triathlon.

Year after year, Charles kept working with his coach Andrew to identify potential triathlon and swimming events as he is a goal orientated fitness seeker. By having events to work towards then the cold winter mornings of going for a swim before work or fitting in a swim… Read More >

Canary Wharf Mile Swim Event – Saturday 17 July 2021

Canary Wharf 1 Mile Open Water Swim Event

Turner Swim’s annual Canary Wharf 1 mile open water swim event takes place on Saturday 17 July 2021. With waves from 7am to 11am we have a maximum of 50 swimmers per heat. This is a fantastic event for both those looking to train towards a goal as well as for experienced triathletes too. The event is before the London Triathlon and so can be a warm up swim for you. So why sign up, swim hard and feel great heading off to work after!

Our open water swim event starts and finishes at the Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre. The course is one lap around the perimeter of Millwall Outer Dock. Entry is just £24.00 including a warm up area, your swim, timing chip, swim hat and a Tribe bar too. For those keen to swim further, you can sign up for… Read More >

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