Open Water and Triathlon
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Canary Wharf Mile Swim

Canary Wharf 1 Mile Open Water Swim Event

Turner Swim’s Canary Wharf 1 mile open water swim event takes place on Friday 19 July 2019. Heats at 06:30am and 07:30am with a maximum of 40 swimmers per heat. A fantastic event for both those looking to train towards a goal as well as for experienced triathletes too. The event is just over a week before the AJ Bell London Triathlon, so why sign up, swim hard and feel great heading off to work after!

Our swim starts and finishes at the Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre, with one lap around the perimeter of Millwall Outer Dock. Entry is just £20.00 including access to the Watersports changing rooms and warm showers too. The open water swim is a wetsuit only event and Turner Swim have a number of wetsuits that can be borrowed for the event.

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Swimming The Bosphorus

Swimming the Bosphorus by Swim Coach Andrew

Swimming the Bosphorus is an annual Cross Continental open water swim event between Asia and Europe in Istanbul. At 10am on the third Sunday in July, one of the worlds busiest shipping lanes briefly closes. Nearly 2500 competitors from all over the world then swim the 6.4 kilometres course in a maximum of two hours to try and complete the distance. Those who take longer than two hours are pulled from the water. on 22 July 2018, I swam the Bosphorus, a swim like no other and easily the most enjoyable swim I have ever been apart of!

Why did I find swimming the Bosphorus so special?

The Bosphours event is run by the Turkish Olympic Association and so was clearly very well organised. Being held on the Sunday allowed for a 3 day trip to Istanbul. This meant the swim was just one part… Read More >

Instructor Krys Completes Redbull Neptune Steps Open Water Swim

Acknowledge The Open Water Swimming Task

420 metres of open water swimming, 7 climbs. I’m a central London swimming instructor who’s been climbing 30ft ropes in Commando training for the majority of last year. This task is easy on the face of it. Not so much in reality. I signed up for the event with thinking it would be a nice easy first competition of the year. However once I sat down to plan, I suddenly realised some of the factors facing me; 1. I haven’t swum competitively in over 3 years. 2. I have left shoulder & left knee injuries less than 6 months old. 3. My current fitness is solely based on carrying heavy loads on my back for long distances, resulting in very dense leg muscle and stiff joints. 4. I’ve got less than 4 week until race day!!!!

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