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Swimming Breaststroke Beautifully

Swimming breaststroke beautifully

Swimming breaststroke is Katie’s passion. Katie is a current Great Britain International breaststroke swimmer who also provides adult swimming lessons in Manchester with Turner Swim. Watch our video of Katie swimming breaststroke beautifully and read her first of three breaststroke blogs:

“Breaststroke is widely used throughout the swimming world, whether you’re a child learning to swim with frog legs or an adult swimming ‘head up’ breaststroke.  This blog explains all from face in the water breaststroke, why it is important to use the correct ‘glide phase’ and tips on how to move faster through the water.

The key to swimming Breaststroke faster is all about being efficient! The less resistance that the body can create in the water the faster you will swim!

Why do we swim with our face in the water?

A lot of people ask “why do we have to swim with our face in the water… Read More >

Backstroke Swimming Technique Tips

Backstroke swimming technique tips by Lucy, a Turner Swim coach in Manchester.

Backstroke is the only stroke done entirely on your back, relying on spatial awareness, timing and balance to keep the stroke flowing. It can be great for any level of swimmer, due to the more relaxed breathing aspect of the stroke. Your face should be out of the water at all times and therefore making the ability to breath much easier. I love this stroke as you can relax and take your time with the technique, without having to focus on too many aspects at once!

With that, here are my 5 top tips within each section of backstroke, as well as some health benefits (in case you needed any other reason to hop in the nearest pool!).

Breathing while swimming backstroke

The ideal breathing pattern in backstroke is one breath per arm cycle. This means that when one hand exits… Read More >

New Year’s Resolutions and Swimming Aims 2018

Swimming Client Charles and Instructor Andrew

Client Charles and instructor Andrew have been on a swimming journey together for a few years now. At first Charles, joined Turner Swim to turn his slow, uncomfortable, “head up” breaststroke into a stylish front crawl (click here to read his blog on lesson one). Then Charles was onto a 400m swim in a triathlon, next it was 750m swim sprint triathlons, then onto the Olympic distance triathlons with a 1500m swim before the 70.3 Ironman bug truly took over and he was swimming 1900m before his 90k bike and 21.1k run. Oh, and we shouldn’t forget a couple of 5k open water swimming successes thrown in for good measure too. Not bad for a guy in his early 60’s who couldn’t swim a length of the pool when he joined us!

2018’s new year’s swimming aims

Each year multiple new challenging events are thought up together. Now as… Read More >

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