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Swimming Goggles Advice – By former swimming instructor Rebecca

Swimming goggles for our adult swimming lessons

In my opinion swimming goggles are the single most important piece of equipment in swimming (swimming costume already included!) But the most frustrating. I could easily swim for hours if I wished but as soon as I get a drop of water into my eye, that’s it, game over. It spoils my whole swim, I suddenly stop concentrating on my technique and go as fast as I can to get to the other side to stop and fix them. However, as a competitive swimmer I have been trained to carry on no matter what happens to my goggles. So when I see people with ill-fitting goggles or goggles that instantly fill up with water, I empathise with them. I watch them struggle to see where they are going and their technique decline. I watch at the side whilst…..wait…..what….they turn around and do another… Read More >

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