How can diet boost your immune system? Part 1.

How diet can boost your immune system- what to eat to stay safe!

From Turner Swim’s Managing Director Andrew: “Turner Swim’s resident nutritionist Magda has put together this blog below to help with the Coronavirus times we are currently living in. We hope you stay safe, eat well and look forward to being the other side of this strange time.”

By Magda: It has been proven by the World Health Organisation that people with a stronger immune system are less likely to catch any types of virus or infection.

So, what we can do to strengthen it? The answer is simple- an immunity diet!

According to Harvard University research a nutritious diet, full of vitamins can strengthen the body’s immune system. To quickly deal with the infection, you need to strengthen those areas of the body where immune cells are produced. One of them is the intestines which are responsible for absorbing most… Read More >

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