Message to all our clients

Message to all our clients

20 March: What are the UK Government restrictions for health clubs during the coronavirus?

At 5pm on Friday 20 March, the UK government told health clubs to close that evening. Until this time we were still very much open and delivering our one-to-one adult swimming lessons. We were taking precautions that we have outlined below.

We very much look forward to reopening once the UK government allows us to. We will extend all credit for the duration of the health club closures for free automatically. For example, once a swimming pool reopens in London in 2 weeks time, then all London credits will be extended by 2 weeks automatically on client accounts.


Up until 20 March we were open, and encouraging clients to come and swim with us

Our swimming lessons were still in operation in 4 London hotels until closing time on Friday 20 March.  In Manchester were were open at Marriott’s… Read More >

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