Canary Wharf Mile Swim
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Canary Wharf Mile Swim

Canary Wharf Mile Swim

Turner Swim’s Canary Wharf mile swim takes place on Friday 31 August 2018, with 06:45am and 07:30am waves. Our swim starts and finishes at the Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre, with one lap around the perimeter of Millwall Outer Dock. Entry is just £15.00 including access to the Watersports changing rooms and warm showers too. The open water swim is a wetsuit only event and Turner Swim have a number of wetsuits that can be borrowed for the event.

Will you win the first prize of £100.00? Or last prize, and win a one hour swim coaching session with Turner Swim?*


Open Water Swim Course by Canary Wharf

We have designed a one mile swim course to maximise the water space available in Millwall Outer Dock. This is the same open water swimming course that the Great London Swim used in 2013. We hope that the Canary Wharf mile swim will become a regular fixture in the annual calendar. We look forward to you joining us for our debut timed open water swim event.

Millwall Dock was opened in 1868 and was used mainly for timber and grain. The dock is estimated to be about 11 meters deep and was a location for the boat stunts in the 1999 James Bond film ‘The World is Not Enough.’

Canary Wharf Mile Swim

The route map for Turner Swim’s Mile Timed Swim, Canary Wharf.


Open Water Swim Coaching Canary Wharf

The one mile timed swim event is a celebration of Turner Swim’s first season operating open water swimming coaching in Millwall Dock.

We have been running one-to-one adult swimming lessons since April 2013 and in May 2018 expanded into open water swimming coaching. We are delighted to be providing both one-to-one and group coaching sessions at the Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre between May and August each year. Our sessions cater for adults of varying open water experience. Our Pool-to-Dock course is for those new to open water swimming. We also run weekly training sessions for experienced open water swimmers and triathletes.


Canary Wharf Mile Swim Minimum Swimming Requirement

All participants must be able to complete the canary wharf mile swim course in less than 45 minutes. After 45 minutes, any remaining swimmers will be collected by one of the Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre’s speedboats.


BOOK ONLINE and secure your place

The event is priced at just £15.00 up until Friday 24 August. After then the price of the timed swim is £20.00 until entries close at 5pm on Wednesday 29 August. Book early and secure your place in the wave of your choice, at 06:45am or 07:30am. We look forward to seeing your swimming efforts!


*Terms and conditions apply: a minimum of 10 participants must start for the £100 cash prize to be given to the fastest swimmer from the two waves. In the event of there being less than 10 participants, the winning prize is a one-to-one swimming coaching session at our Marriott County Hall hotel venue.

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