Backstroke Swimming Coaching
Backstroke swimming coaching programme with Turner Swim, adult coaching specialists.
Our 3 x one hour backstroke swimming coaching course has primarily been designed by our former international backstroke swimmer, in collaboration with our whole team. Swimming backstroke really stretches out the shoulder and back muscles making it a great complimentary stroke to front crawl. Available in London, Manchester, Reading and Exeter.

Backstroke Swimming Coaching

Backstroke swimming coaching is now available as a 3 x one hour programme with Turner Swim.

We have designed this  for clients who wish to learn or improve their backstroke  swimming as an alternative stroke to front crawl. The backstroke programme is primarily for adults who have either completed the Turner Swim learn to swim, head up breaststroke into front crawl or the stroke improver programmes.  We often find that clients are hesitant to swim backstroke and this is often because they find it hard to swim straight. For other clients, keeping water away from their face has been their biggest hurdle before taking our lessons.


Improve your backstroke swimming with our programme

Improve your backstroke swimming with our programme over 3 x one hour lessons. Your professional swim coach will begin by seeing you how you move through the water as part of your initial stroke assessment. Firstly, your coach will feedback and then get set to work on your head and body position. Secondly, improvements will be made on your leg kick and streamline gliding phases. Thirdly, you will work on the recovery and propulsive phases of your arm stroke. By making improvements in each individual area, your overall swim stroke will be vastly improved.

Along with improving your swimming technique, your swim coach will also give you a swim set. This  then gives you the option to go and practice in between each session. Our coaches want to make swimming as interesting for you as possible, so that you enjoy exercising.


Book online

Booking online using the link below where you can see swim coaching availability in London, Manchester, Reading and Exeter. Availability is online up to 4 weeks in advance.

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