Triathletes off-season Swimming Training
Off-Season Swimming Training for Triathletes
Swimming training for triathletes keen to boost their swimming perfomances in the the 2018 season. Our 10 x one hour programme will help to find your inner limits and to then advance your swimming further.

Swimming Training for Triathletes during the off-season

Our off-season swimming training for triathletes begins in September 2017, once the triathlon and open water season begins to come to a close. This swimming programme for triathletes is 10 x one hour sessions in length, beginning and ending with an intense swimming fitness assessment. Each individual session is designed to develop a particular part of the body, with the combined marginal gains boosting your swimming performance.

Triathlon swim programme designed by a former international

We will have some further information on this page for you shortly, but rest assured this is by far our most intense programme to date and has been written by a former international swimmer who holds no mercy when it comes to coaching triathletes to improve their swimming ability.

We hope you are looking forward to the Autumn and Winter nights ahead with us, our triathlete specialist coaches are looking forward to putting you through your swimming laps in style!


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