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  • Water Confidence (Water Phobia)

    Designed to enable those who feel they have a fear of water or being splashed to become relaxed and confident in the pool. Our 2 x 1 hour program includes aquatic breathing, independent horizontal movement and standing up, in addition to a number of water safe skills. Ideal for adults who have had a previous bad experiences in water.

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  • Learn-to-swim

    Turner Swim’s flagship swimming lessons experience, designed over 10 x 1 hour sessions to enable non-swimmers to swim independently on both their front and back. The programme also includes a number of water skills including treading water, floating and submersion. Designed for adults who can swim less than 25 meters.

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  • Open Water Swim Coaching For Triathletes

    Open water swim coaching for triathletes is now available with Turner Swim in Millwall Dock near Canary Wharf, London. Join us at the Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre for open water coaching and get your triathlon season off to the perfect start. Both group coaching and one-to-one sessions available.

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  • Head up breaststroke into front crawl

    Our 5 x 1 hour programme is aimed at those who can already swim a basic head up breaststroke but are keen to develop a head down stylish front crawl. With a strong breathing and arms focus, we develop both the propulsive and recovery stages of the arm cycle. Designed for adults who can already swim at least 25 meters on their front.

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  • Stroke Improver

    Designed to enhance your swimming technique, speed and endurance. Each stroke can be broken down into five main areas; breathing, arms, legs, body and co-ordination. After an initial stroke analysis, we’ll make your sessions bespoke. Full course designed for adults that swim at least 50 meters in one go without stopping in their chosen stroke.

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  • Open Water And Triathlon Programme

    Available as a pool programme year round, or in the docks near Canary Wharf from May to August. Ideal for both novice and experienced competitors keen to improve their technique in 5 x 1 hour sessions. Following a stroke analysis, bespoke sessions focus on topics such as head position, breathing, entry, catch, sighting, starts and turns.

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  • Olympic Breaststroke

    Turn your head up, nose breathing, wide armed, frog legged breaststroke into a modern day Olympic style face in the water energetic breaststroke. Designed over 5 x one hour sessions to give you a stroke that doesn't put needless pressure on your back and joints. For adults who swim at least 50 meters on their front in one go without stopping.

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  • Treading Water – an introduction

    Treading water, a skill designed to enable you to stay in a vertical position in water without sinking, may feel like a lifetime away. Join us for 3 x one hour lessons and we'll develop a number of treading water techniques with you in both shallow and deep water. Available for adults who can swim at least 25 meters in one go, any stroke.

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  • Pool To Dock Open Water Swimming

    Pool to Dock open water swim coaching is a new programme for adults that we are launching for 2018. Designed for adults who usually swim in the pool, we will teach you how to swim in the docks. Wetsuits, changing rooms and hot showers are included at the Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre, Canary Wharf.

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  • Pre-Holiday Swimming Refresher Course

    Ideal for adults heading away on holiday who would like to brush up on their swimming and aquatic skills to feel and look great in the pool. Book 2 x one hour sessions and we can help enhance your swim technique, treading in water, aquatic submersion and deep water confidence. Available for adults who can swim at least 25 meters in one go.

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  • Swimming Tumble Turns

    Designed for those looking to learn the art of tumble turns to help improve swimming efficiency when doing multiple length swims. This course is either a stand alone one hour lesson for those who can already do a forward roll in the water, or forms a two x one hour lessons for those who can't do a forward roll but can swim 50 meters front crawl.

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  • Triathletes off-season Swimming Training

    Swimming coaching training for triathletes and open water swimmers alike during the off-season. We'll coach you over 10 x one hour sessions to become technically more efficient, physically stronger and mentally tougher. This course is designed for triathletes who like to be challenged and who thrive on seeing their performance enhanced.

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Please note that each programme length is a guide which may vary depending on an individual's progress.

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