Our Instructors
  • Andrew

    Andrew is a former Great Britain aquatic team member, having competed in both the Junior European and World Championships as a water polo player. Andrew is Turner Swim’s Founder and Managing Director.

    Despite being in the U16 International Squad aged just 13, Andrew struggled immensely with his swimming and it was in his teenage years that he spent hours each day redeveloping his swimming technique. Training paid off and he reached his goals, but he later realised a lot of his battles could have been avoided had he focused earlier on technique rather than endless lengths of the pool.

    After graduating from Manchester University and working on a sales and trading graduate programme at an investment bank, he rekindled his real love, as a full-time swimming instructor. Andrew founded Turner Swim in April 2013.

    You can watch Andrew on a Sky TV programme talking about “Why it’s never too late to swim well” if you click here. Andrew has also given a talk in the Experts Theatre at the London Triathlon Plus Show, on “Breathing: Turning your Triathlon swim from being a shortness of breath experience into a calm and enjoyable competitive swim.” 

    In his spare time Andrew still plays water polo for his home town club Cheltenham and was part of the squad who won the 2014 British Championships. A regular open water swimmer, his 2017 UK events included the Great London Swim at Royal Victoria docks, the Fix Splash at Hackney as well as the London Dock-2-Dock 10k swim, known in the swimming world as the marathon. In 2018, Andrew completed both the the Bosphorus Swim from Asia to Europe in July, as well as the River Dart 10k in September. Andrew also founded and runs the charity Water4Ethiopia and he has launched the UK’s first volunteer-run charity bottled water brand, winning the 2012 Global Water Innovation Awards Best Humanitarian Initiative.

    Andrew finds it particularly rewarding developing water confidence and learn to swim clients as well as those training for a triathlon. Please visit our bookings page to book in your sessions.

  • Amelia

    Amelia is a former county swimming champion and University of York graduate.

    After graduating from her Politics and Philosophy degree (BA Hons), Amelia began working in Canary Wharf within advertising. However, Amelia’s real interests lie working as a part-time swimming instructor, with 6 years experience, and as a part-time writer.

    Amelia’s competitive swimming background began at Enfield County and then Hart Swimming Club. Amelia represented Hampshire County and the South East Region at National competitions. in addition she reached the finals of National championships.

    Amelia’s best stroke was backstroke and she was a sprinter so mainly competed in 50 meters and 100 meters events. Amelia foundly recalls her favourite race being the first time she won gold at the Hampshire County Championships for 100m Backstroke with a massive personal best!

    Amelia naturally caries infectious enthusiasm for all that she does and has excellent interpersonal skills too. Equally though, Amelia is very driven, incredibly well organised

    and has a strong attention to detail. So whether you are feeling nervous, joining us to learn to swim, or keen to advance your swimming towards a triathlon, Amelia is perfect for you and all swimming abilities.

    Amelia is available at Le Meridien Piccadilly on Wednesdays 1pm
    until 9:15pm
    and Thursdays 12noon until 4pm. Amelia is at Marriott County Hall Westminster Thursdays 5pm until 9:30pm and Sundays 11:30am until 7:30pm.

  • Ollie

    Ollie has over 10 years swimming teaching experience and has previously qualified for the 70.3 World Age Group Triathlon Championships. Ollie is Turner Swim’s Team Leader at our Le Méridien Piccadilly venue.

    As a teenager, Ollie represented his county at swimming. With a strong work ethic and bags of energy, Ollie quickly realised that he was very much suited to both being a triathlete and inspiring adult’s into enjoy being physically active too. Ollie has a decade of swim coaching experience and has taught different fitness classes across London, including working as a Pilates teacher. However, his number one passion is swimming teaching and coaching.

    Ollie is an ideal instructor to choose for any of Turner Swim’s programmes as he really enjoys working with a variety of adults across all abilities. For clients with water phobia, or learning to swim, Ollie has a great sense of being able to read where a client is at with their swimming and how to help them to feel more relaxed in the water. For adults looking to start a more healthy fitness lifestyle, Ollie puts a great emphasise on making sessions enjoyable so that swimming can become part of their routine. Ollie is naturally a great communicator, which helps to motivate adults and ensure they get the most from each of his action packed sessions.

    In 2013, Ollie came second in his age group at the 70.3 ironman Wimbleball event and qualified for the world championships. Unfortunately Ollie is now very aware of the balance between training hard as a triathlete and over training, as he injured his knee just 4 weeks before the World Championships and so had to withdraw from the event. Ollie has completed many other triathlon events including the London triathlon, the Galway 70.3, Ironman UK, Ironman Lanzarote, Ironman Nice, and Ironman Cozumel. In addition Ollie has completed 7 standalone marathons including London 3 times and New York. Ollie is a British Triathlon Level 2 qualified coach.

    In the summer months, Ollie plays a key role in our open water swim coaching venue near Canary Wharf. Ollie really enjoys the freedom and space of open water swimming and open water swimming coaching. Ollie gets great satisfaction in seeing improvements in swimmers that he coaches, whether its swims with a more efficient technique or faster times. Ollie also enjoys introducing those new or nervous about open water swimming to our sport and seeing clients gain enough confidence to enter their first open water swim or triathlon is hugely rewarding. Ollie has a mountain of knowledge about swimming coaching and triathlon events, but equally he has the ability to describe very clearly the techniques that he would like clients to do and why they may be of benefit to their swimming or overall triathlon events.

    Join Ollie for one-to-one lessons, whatever your current ability, as we are extremely confident that it will be a decision you won’t regret!

    Ollie is currently available at Le Méridien on Monday and Thursday evenings 5pm until 9:15pm, Tuesday afternoons 12noon until 4pm, Wednesdays and Fridays 06:45am until 4pm and Saturdays 08:15am to 12:15pm. In addition Ollie is available at Marriott County Hall Tuesdays 06:30am until 09:30am and Saturdays 1pm until 5:30pm.

  • Lara

    Lara is a former national level swimmer and gained a full NCAA Division 1 Athletic Scholarship at Fordham University, New York, as a result of her academic and swimming talent.

    Having graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business, with a Major in Marketing and a Minor in Visual Arts, Lara began a career in marketing in Miami. Born in Derby, Lara returned to the UK to work as an account manager for a global branding and packaging design firm. Lara then helped to launch a brand of premium doughnuts.

    In 2017, Lara decided to enter the Breca Buttermere Sprint SwimRun event. The SwimRun events involve running in a short wetsuit through the hills and then swimming in trainers through the lakes. After being a competitive swimmer for 16 years, Lara found that training for the event reignited her passion for the sport. Lara then began to think seriously about changing her career from account management to a more interpersonal role as a swimming coach.

    Lara began teaching and coaching swimming when she was at school, so has years of experience behind her, in addition to her full Turner Swim training. Lara encourages strong interaction between clients and herself, helping to maintain a positive and enjoyable environment during the lesson. Lara is an ideal instructor for all of the Turner Swim programmes as she not only encourages adults to learn to swim as an important life skill, but also for long term participation in the sport of swimming. Lara’s competitive edge also helps clients looking to improve their skills for open water and triathlon events to take their swimming to the next level.

    Lara’s list of swimming awards feels endless, particularly as she trained for 30 hours a week at her peak, but one of her favourites is holding the 2007/2008 Florida State Record in the 200 yards freestyle relay.

    Lara is available for sessions Mondays and Fridays 06:45am until 10:45am, Tuesdays 08:30am until 3pmand Thursdays 08:45am until 2pm

  • David

    David is a former county-level swimmer and has worked as a swimming instructor on a full-time basis in the private sector since April 2011.

    David originally competed for Romford but quickly progressed onto Hornchurch Swimming Club where he picked up a bronze medal in the 50m freestyle county final and a top five finish in the 200m breaststroke London regional final. As a 16 year old, David qualified for the British nationals in the 100m butterfly finishing with a time of just 58.6 seconds.

    David was captain of Hornchurch Swimming Club for 3 years and began his coaching career at the club too. He still trains with Hornchurch masters and he competed in the one mile Great London open water swim at Royal Victoria Docks in 2016. David has longer term ambitions of swimming the English Channel.

    David enhanced his swimming and coaching knowledge by taking part in coaching clinics run by the British head coach and watching international swimmers demonstrating under the coaches’ guidance. These courses included theory sessions and land based training too.

    David is an excellent instructor to choose for all of Turner Swim’s programmes, apart from the advanced open water and triathlon courses. David prefers to swim in swimming pools where as Andrew and Krys both thrive in the outdoor open water environment. David is passionate about swimming and he has a very calming and reassuring manner that helps clients to feel at ease with him. As an instructor David enjoys setting clients new challenges and thinking of different ways to get the most from an individual’s skills. Despite David’s high flying swimming achievements, he particularly enjoys teaching our water confidence, learn to swim and head up breaststroke into front crawl programmes, along with our stroke improver course, thriving on the rewards of introducing new clients to swimming with correct techniques. David recently taught a client to swim a mile butterfly!

    David is available Mondays to Thursdays 12noon until 9:15pm and on Fridays from 12noon until 8pm.

  • Ross

    Ross is a former UK national swimming level swimmer, county champion and University of East Anglia graduate.

    Although Ross graduated with a business degree, his passion for teaching and coaching swimming began before starting at University. Ross’ swimming coaching started at his home swimming club before becoming Head Coach at a local triathlon club. After graduating, Ross has been teaching swimming in Hong Kong and China being based in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Chonqing.

    Ross’ competitive swimming background began at an early age at White Darts swimming club and progressed to win Kent county championships and represent his county at inter-county meets. Ross also competed at the South East regional competitions held at Crystal Palace and later qualified for the National Championships at Ponds Forge narrowly missing out on a final place.

    Ross’ best stroke was breaststroke and as a sprinter achieved a Kent county event best time for 50m and gold in the 100m. He also won county gold medals for 50m butterfly, 100m and 200m individual medley. Ross also enjoyed open water swimming in Hong Kong and would be delighted to share with you his open water experiences abroad.

    Ross’ caring nature enables him to really understand what clients are looking for from their time with him. Approachable, understanding and full of personality, Ross is available for all Turner Swim programmes and personal swimming training too. Ross is driven and enjoys helping clients to make the most out of each hour with him so be prepared to be inspired and pushed to new levels each session!

    Ross is available at Marriott County Hall on Mondays 5pm until 9:30pm, Tuesdays 12noon until 3pm, Wednesdays 06:30am until 3:30pm and Thursdays 6:30am until 3pm. Ross is at Le Meridien Piccadilly on Tuesdays 5pm until 8pm and Sundays 11:30am until 7:30pm.

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