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Breathing While Swimming – Top Tips

Breathing is an essential component in swimming

Breathing is not only the single most important aspect of swimming, but equally in everyday life. Whilst Mahatma Ghandi survived for 21 days in the 1940s with no food and only sips of water during a display of civil disobedience, he certainly couldn’t have survived that long without breathing!

Most clients who come for our adult swimming lessons tell us that they struggle with their breathing, or at the very least they have identified that this is an area in which they could improve.

You should never feel breathless or panicked at any point while you are swimming, it doesn’t mean that you are swimming hard or taking good exercise, it means that you are breathing wrong! It’s easy to correct, and once you have confidence in your breathing, then your swimming will vastly improve in both endurance and enjoyment.

Why… Read More >

Instructor Krys Completes Redbull Neptune Steps Open Water Swim

Acknowledge The Open Water Swimming Task

420 metres of open water swimming, 7 climbs. I’m a central London swimming instructor who’s been climbing 30ft ropes in Commando training for the majority of last year. This task is easy on the face of it. Not so much in reality. I signed up for the event with thinking it would be a nice easy first competition of the year. However once I sat down to plan, I suddenly realised some of the factors facing me; 1. I haven’t swum competitively in over 3 years. 2. I have left shoulder & left knee injuries less than 6 months old. 3. My current fitness is solely based on carrying heavy loads on my back for long distances, resulting in very dense leg muscle and stiff joints. 4. I’ve got less than 4 week until race day!!!!

Instead of creating a fantastically complicated hard training programme… Read More >

Learning-to-swim Front Crawl – Swimming Lessons From a Client’s Perspective

Struggle to swim a length of front crawl? Fear not. In a series of forthcoming blog articles, one of our clients, Charles, is going to offer an insight into his time swimming with Turner Swim and how he achieved his increasingly challenging goals. His first blog is about his experience of lesson one, as he started his journey to learning front crawl.

Charles – Blog 1:

“A couple of years ago, I watched my wife do a sprint triathlon and thought how much I would like to do that, but the key problem was that I could not imagine how I would ever be able to do the 400 metre swim. Of course, I had learned how to swim at school, and I wasn’t frightened of water, but there was no way I could make it a full length of the local pool in Clapham. I was swimming in classic “Head-Up-Breaststroke”… Read More >

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